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From The Domain to South Congress, we’re committed to Austin brand strategy at global scale

Home to some of the most creative and eclectic brands in the country, the competitive market in Austin can be fiercely artistic. When you’re competing with some of the most creative brands, it can be easy to lost track of core strategies as you grow and evolve. Add in the branding crucible that is SWSX into the mix and it becomes clear that you need a branding strategy as uniquely Austin as you are. At TOP, our team of brand strategists, market researchers, and data analysts work hard to ensure the success of your next product launch. We can help with brand strategy consulting for one-off projects (like that SXSW activation you’ve always dreamed of) or a complete strategic overhaul of your market positioning. We rethink the relationship of company brands and offerings to create something unique enough to be called Austin grown. Add to that our global resources and we can be with you from conception to global domination.

  • Full-service brand positioning and architecture
  • B2C and B2B brand strategy expertise
  • Dedicated Austin brand strategists
  • Wide experience from Austin startups to tech giants to fast-growing CPG

At TOP, the heart of our strategic process is a defining (or redefining) of your KPIs for maximum effectiveness. We do this by asking the tough questions:  Is your new product or technology truly novel? What will the market pay for it?  Is there another, more cost-efficient way to change competitive dynamics?  Can you test your positioning in Travis county and the surrounding area, or should you scale nationally or globally now?

Those may be lofty questions, but the answers let us conduct realistic and independent analysis of various issues affecting your business. The viability and profit potential of our business around town, around the country or around the world, for instance.  Don’t spend all your time executing tactics that are not cemented in the best strategy to reach your goals. You waste valuable time, resources, and may miss opportunities you’d otherwise capitalize on.

We bring the intelligence, you bring the tacos

We present an executive summary with a recommended go-to-market brand strategy based on solid analytical evidence and our own strategic insights.

We are all about that data

Like the tech companies flocking to the Silicon Hills, we live for the data. Our brand strategies are based on data-led facts and not intuition.

We're all ordering from the same taco truck

Everyone in your company needs to be choosing from the same menu, so to speak, if you want your company to succeed. We know how to get and keep everyone on board with the vision and the strategy to get there.

Simplicity, simplified, but at scale

A growing business brings growing complexity but we help realign both management and the front line to focus on what really counts.

A company grown in Austin

Austin is a community, and we are a part of it.

Austin has an energy all its own and so should your brand strategy. Whether you’re interested in the quiet cool of an Austin speakeasy, or the raucous blaring of guitars from a Red River venue (metaphorically, of course), TOP can help create a brand strategy that hits every note. After all, your company is a complex entity being driven by the many people working day and night to help reach your goals. But it can easily head towards the wrong course if not watched carefully.

Regardless of the reasons for focusing on your brand’s role, it is critical to take stock of the existing contributions, attitudes, beliefs, and drivers that make up your success. That means your C-Suite executives, on down to your most junior position. Everyone must be working from the same plan to reach your goals.

Speaking of energy, a good branding agency can help you reflect on the energy that it takes to keep your business humming. Austin is a bastion of positive energy and your company should be no exception. We help you focus and direct that energy in the direction you want to go, locally, nationally, or globally.



Austin is booming. Hire a Branding Agency that Knows the town.

From Town Lake to the Domain, an Austin branding agency can help you see every project launch with fresh creative eyes to break through in highly saturated markets. Your brand’s unique differentiation starts the moment we  start collecting data and doesn’t stop until your customers click buy (if it even stops there).

Unconventional Branding For Austin Leaders

We provide value far beyond conventional measures. As a global branding firm, we are deeply rooted in multiple industries, and have helped clients in virtually every industry vertical capture marketplace opportunities. We do this through bold positioning, creative naming, imaginative design, and insightful market research. Our team is a deliberately eclectic mix of management consultants, brand strategists, communication planners, service design experts, search and social strategists and digital consultants from Austin with fresh outlooks, killer taste, and a drive that won’t quit.

An Austin Branding Agency That Does Primary Research

When it comes to market research, we don’t take just anyone’s word for it; we find out for ourselves. Through primary quantitative and qualitative research, we gather the data we need to supplement your gaps in knowledge and give us a clear view of our audience’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This holistic understanding of what our audience says and how they act shapes the core insight that will fuel breakthrough creative work.  We gain an in-depth view of the brand through stakeholder interviews and immersive business planning, emerging with a firm grasp of the company’s unique value-creating characteristics. From, this we develop a data-informed, diagnostic ecosystem model to help measure the brand’s current and potential in-market performance across all channels.

Come for a visit. We’ll grab some barbecue, and get to know each other. We’re ready to launch or relaunch a few more great Austin companies at scale.

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