Brand Strategy

Execute Brand Strategy that gives your company clear direction and focus. 

TOP is a global leader helping companies establish thought leadership and develop data-driven Brand Strategy. 

Your brand strategy is more than your name, logo, product, or website. A well-defined brand strategy will determine your company mission, vision, values, and the emotions you evoke in your customers. It is crucial to know your voice and lay a clear foundation to build trust with customers for the long haul.

TOP works with brands to realize their purpose by setting clear goals of what they want to do and become. Our experienced team uses data, research, and audience insights to help you set expectations for what your brand should be, and then helps you execute plans to avoid pitfalls and common missteps along the way. Whatever your purpose or goals are, TOP can help you achieve your potential and set yourself up to not only survive, but become industry thought leaders and trendsetters.


TOP’s Brand Strategy services include:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Competitor Research
  • Thought Leadership
  • Brand Design

Because Brand Strategy encompasses nearly all aspects of your business, TOP works with stakeholders at all levels to communicate your brand’s goals and how each member of the team plays a part. We also help you communicate your story and unique position to the media through press outlets, social network channels, and community influencers that reflect your brand in the best light.

Whether you are an established brand that needs to evolve or an emerging company hoping to be the next big thing, TOP captures your vision and helps you achieve your potential.

Brand Strategy that establishes your voice, creates emotional connections, and builds loyalty. 

TOP combines media experts with our data-driven approach for top-tier results.

It has been proven time and time again that being the price leader or having the best product does not guarantee success. Rather, the companies that make emotional connections with their audience, drive engagement, and best communicate their vision become market leaders and industry disrupters. TOP works with your leadership team, employees, and partners to lay the foundation that set your overall strategy. From growth goals to product value propositions to customer engagement and loyalty programs, we design all aspects of Brand Strategy that highlight and maintain your competitive advantage.

Why Hire a Brand Strategy agency?

TOP’s perspective and flexible approach help companies gain a better understanding of their market, their customers, and their competitors to make adjustments that will positively impact their brand. We also have insights into market trends that guide our recommendations on how to give your brand staying power.

Why is Brand Strategy important?

Your Brand Strategy sets the tone for how you envision your company’s future. It will guide all aspects of your business from products and services to employee culture and community presence. TOP’s Brand Strategy experts help you navigate the complexity of setting goals and making plans to help your brand stand out and achieve its potential.

How do I get started? 

TOP helps you first understand your purpose an what you want to become. Once we establish that, we make plans on how your Brand Strategy will take you there. Then we get executive buy-off, involve key internal stakeholders, and help you begin communicating your value externally.

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