Who is a Micro-Influencer & Why are they so Effective?

Although micro influencers may seem like they're at the bottom of the food chain, there are tons of reasons to partner with them. Find out why businesses find it much easier to engage micro influencers, as compared to mega influencers!

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Up until the year 2014, the digital influencer culture wasn’t such a big deal. Back then, social media platforms were limited in number; they didn’t have as much audience and marketers didn’t focus much on bringing in a lot of traffic from such platforms. Back in the day the question “Who is a Micro-Influencer?” wasn’t really a talk of the town.

Over time, especially during the last few years, social media gained a lot of traction. And with that, the slew of influencers opened the floodgates to influencer marketing. Speaking of digital influencers, if you are getting started, it’s best to work with micro influencers and move up to the big boys’ league later.

To that effect, micro influencers have better conversion rates because they mainly focus on active audience and quality content 24/7.

With mega influencers, focusing 100% on content quality and conversion isn’t always a top priority. These guys know that since they already have followers in millions, even if a bunch of videos or posts aren’t quality-centric, that won’t create a lot of negative impact.

This post highlights some of the best reasons for working with micro influencers over popular ones. There’s a good reason for stating a couple of things that favor micro-influencers, and you’ll see that in a bit. Read on…

Social Media's Influence on Society

Back in the early 2000s, the kids usually aspired to become astronauts, doctors, and presidents. However, the current young generation usually leans on becoming an influencer of some sort. According to a recent survey, about 54% of the respondents from the U.S.A said that they are interested in becoming influencers when they grow up.

The extent of influencer marketing isn’t just hardwired into the modern generation’s psychology; it is affecting consumers too. A lot of active social media users base their buying decisions on influencers’ words. Likewise, brands have hopped on the bandwagon and they want to participate in the happy hour just as much as followers for any influencer like to.

At the same time, influencer marketing is raking in huge profits for millions of businesses all over the world. Brands and product owners spend a hefty chunk of money on influencers because they are well aware of the business potential and the scalability associated with it.

5 Top Reasons to Work With Micro Influencers

Micro influencers are those people on social media who have around 10K to 50K followers.

Usually, they are up and coming, and are highly focused on producing quality content regularly. Why is it better to work with micro influencers instead of macro influencers? Good question. Here’s why it’s important:

1. Cost of Micro-Influencers

As we stated earlier, bigger influencers charge more when they are asked to work on a branding campaign.

If you are a startup owner or someone who’s strapped for cash during the initial phases of the business, it’s better to avoid mega influencers. The sponsored collaboration cost will go up north of $1,000 to several thousand dollars!

Yes, no kidding.

Plus, you also need a team of digital marketers to see how well a mega influencer has performed in the past. Their audience needs to be scraped through, engagement trends, and the whole shebang. With small influencers, it’s easier to research their audience pool and connect with them over a cost-effective package that works for both sides.

2. The Bloat Factor

Bloated influencer profiles are those that have a staggering number of followers, but no real engagement to show for it.

Believe it or not, many so-called “influencers” go to shady websites to buy their followers. They turn out to be bots that contribute to the follower count. When it comes to engagement and profile authenticity, the bots don’t have much to say. This affects the influencer’s credibility, and that’s why you need to work with authentic micro influencers.

Testing micro-influencers for authenticity is not difficult. Since their user pool is small, you can go through the last few comments, or a couple of different posts to see how well the engagement factor is going on.

Likewise, send them a write-up with highlights on a small strategy for your brand. Most likely, they will send you a detailed & original response, instead of the Delicious Copy-Pasta serving.

3. Power of Influencers on Social Media

Here’s why we said so.

Small influencers work hard and regularly to build a solid connection with their audience. Whatever these micro influencers are promoting, or whatever the subject matter of their content is, it’s mostly and always relevant to the audience’s interest.

To that effect, micro influencers target a small subset of demographics, but with higher conversion to show for it. They are careful with their user analytics reports, statistics, and know-how to change the style of content accordingly.

Plus, if you are a new brand or business owner, micro-influencer sponsorship packages are cheap to start with.

4. Better Outreach

In relation to the “power” factor that we highlighted before, we’d also like to mention that micro influencers have better outreach.

According to a recent survey by Social Bakers, the content produced by micro influencers has the tenacity to increase conversion by a whopping 60%. This is a better conversion rate when compared directly to bloated profile owners, and mega influencers who have audiences scattered everywhere.

5. Micro Influencer Marketing Helps With Open Access To Niche & Multi Markets

If you were to work with a bunch of different micro influencers, you have a better chance of exploring different niche markets. Their pricing plans and overall packages are low, which leaves the potential for doing paid collaborations with different influencers.

You can also reshape your marketing strategy this way because it’s easier to modify your goals and focus groups if you are working through micro influencers.

But here’s the best part: with micro influencers, since the engagement factor is high, you will be getting a slew of traffic to your website. You can stay connected with those people, even after your collaboration with the said micro-influencer is done.

What Else Is There To Talk About?

When it comes to micro influencers, you should know that a lot of them will grow their audience and outreach in the near future.

Staying in touch and working with them offers you access to better business opportunities — and that too, at better rates as compared to working with new influencers. Weaving your branding strategy towards scalability is much easier with micro influencers for many reasons that were mentioned earlier.

Having said that, here’s a question that we have for you: Did you work with micro influencers in the past? If so, what was it like? Were you able to reach your targets or didn’t go beyond the bar? We’d love to hear that and more through the comments section below.

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