How We Used Social Media to Launch A Major CPG Brand

TOP Marketing Agency

The Business Challenge:

After Ferrara acquired the Laffy Taffy brand, they needed to bring it into the digital arena while staying true to the brand promise: bringing families together through small bites of delight. When TOP was challenged with establishing Laffy Taffy’s media presence, we quickly realized that a visual identity had to be established that would let the brand’s true personality shine through. 

Case Study:

Whenever TOP takes on a branding project we begin by setting brand pillars that will support healthy and cohesive content that resonates with consumers. For Laffy Taffy, we focused on three pillars: family fun and togetherness, small bites of delight, and #hafftolaff which became our most successful branded hashtag. These brand pillars informed all of our content and messaging, ensuring a consistent brand identity across multiple platforms.

From there we conducted social and mass media listening to dig for insights about our brand perception. We used these insights to develop content types that laddered back to our brand pillars. For example, we developed a look and feel for ‘Laff Types’ which celebrated the unique and hilarious ways we all laugh. This drew on one of the things Laffy Taffy fans love most — the jokes!

With content types, and a look and feel finalized we launched a social media presence that capitalized on Laffy Taffy’s current brand love while attracting new fans on Facebook and Instagram. Our cohesive messaging and design allowed us to seamlessly weave together big brand activations with our always-on content. 

Here’s how we did it — and how all CPG companies can do it too:

  1. Find the white space

    TOP always conducts extensive competitive analysis, but we know that in order to cut through the noise on social media, a brand must establish their unique value. Plenty of candy brands post fun, brightly-colored, mouth-watering content; but none of them own the hilariously punny ‘dad joke’ space. From static posts, to fill-in-the-punchline prompts, to whimsical handmade stop-motion animation, we brought the jokes people already love to a brand new media landscape.

  2. Two-way communication

    We knew when we first launched Laffy Taffy that there were superfans out there — and they answered the call. Followers old and young love telling us their favorite flavors, as well as which jokes made them cringe and which made them burst out laughing. For some brands, communication on Facebook or Instagram is just a customer service necessity. To us, two-way communication on social media is an important touchpoint that is a necessity in order to truly connect with an audience. Not to mention a bottomless well of quality user generated content(UGC).

  3. Stay true to your brand

    It’s not enough to just post beautiful product shots on social anymore. Great social content should communicate something at a glance — which is sometimes all the time a brand has with a consumer. Our design team carefully constructed color treatments, design elements, and photo sourcing guidelines for our content buckets so they could be templatized and executed at scale. The resulting content was instantly recognizable as Laffy Taffy, efficient to execute, and increased affinity for the brand on brand new platforms.

In short — our successful brand launch on social media centered around authentic, delightful content, designed to be simple, surprising, and significant.

And that’s how we do it.