Accelerate Your Social Media Marketing for Private Schools With These Awesome Tips

Social media marketing for schools is more than rounding up a bunch of followers these days. You need real-time engagement, active audience and valuable content to begin with. Here's how you should get started.

Social media marketing for private schools is an entirely different breed. Unlike conventional for-profit businesses, schools experience a different set of obstacles to increase scalability through online marketing these days.

Not to mention the recent pandemic situation around the world, it is difficult for educational institutes to increase student enrollment and engagement. To prevent (that)… and increase demand for e-learning, private schools must rethink how they conduct online business to stay ahead of market shifts.

You know you have come a long way in the advancement of technology when the concept of social media marketing for private schools doesn’t seem that absurd. Schools might be an educational institution for your children, but they are also a business that needs money to keep them from shutting down.

And nothing rolls in good wads of cash like good ol’ marketing.

Although there is nothing much ‘old’ or traditional left to marketing, in the race for going digital,, educational institutions, including schools, are not lagging. Compared to public schools, it is the private schools that are making sure of top social media marketing trends and techniques to help them stand out.

But what is the hype all about? What is this social media marketing?

Find answers to all your questions in this exclusive write-up for private schools. Read on…

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing, as cliched it must sound, literally took the world by storm. Since its invention, social media has increased people’s consumption of electronic products; not just through buying but also using them.

Social media marketing is the connection between a business and an audience comprising of the real people to build a brand, increase sales, drive website traffic, and do much more. This effect is accomplished using many social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Which Platform Is Best for Social Media Marketing for Private Schools?

While we might only discuss limited social media marketing platforms here and how to promote schools on social media using them; that should not limit you from experimenting with more platforms.

You can even start small and with just one social media marketing platform and then see where the road takes you.

Remember, your target audience will determine the best social media marketing platform for you.

Let’s talk about some of the social media marketing platforms that are considered to be the best for social media marketing for private schools.

a. Facebook for Private Schools

social media marketing for private schools

Facebook is undoubtedly the best social media platform for social media marketing. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have. You just have to have a social media marketing strategy in place that uses Facebook.

With over 2.4 billion monthly users, you are guaranteed to reach your ideal audience – given that you are active there. The key to real authentic engagement is staying active by posting high-quality content, asking questions, and well, by being social there. You can do it by following the tips below:

1) Communicate in groups by categorizing two types of parents: one, who are interested but haven’t enrolled in your school yet, and two, who are already enrolled.

Facebook’s feature of groups and even WhatsApp’s groups will help you in that. That’s how most schools survived the period of uncertainties that the pandemic brought.

2) Announce upcoming events on your page and see how people showing up will benefit from them. This will also help you build a rock-solid community who might show up to your future events, if not get their kids enrolled in your school.

3) Go live to clear any ambiguities and questions anyone has in their minds but hasn’t had the time to visit the campus. This is not only good for engagement but also can bring you plenty of leads.

4) Most importantly, create ads. Facebook thrives on ads and that is the simple and hard truth.

Dedicate a budget in your social media marketing specifically to boost your content on the social media platform.  Without ads, your organic reach will be very limited but with ads, you will be able to reach your target audience.

b. LinkedIn for Private Schools

social media marketing for private schools

Famous for being a professional social media network, LinkedIn is also known to connect people and this connection is what you need for digital marketing strategy for schools.

What we’ve noticed, though, is that LinkedIn tends to be the forgotten channel for most schools. They post semi-regular updates and have some engagement (a few “celebrations” and the occasional encouraging comment) but that’s it…

Everyone from your faculty to your alumni is on this professional channel, and you are choosing that to go to waste by simply ignoring LinkedIn? That doesn’t seem right.

After all, LinkedIn lets you grow your connections with all groups of people: alumni, parents, faculty, and staff.

Secondly, it builds your school’s brand awareness and general visibility. Doing so, it provides an open space for your community so that discussion surrounding educational topics can take place.

Furthermore, LinkedIn is great for sharing the business development side of your school.

Lastly, you can use it to hire qualified staff for your school that fit your brand the best.

By sharing relevant, professional content on your school’s LinkedIn page and being active in your LinkedIn groups, you can help boost your organic presence and expand your community.

It is innovative marketing ideas for schools like these that will help you stand out from other schools. More than that, such marketing ideas will help you increase enrollment as well. Don’t you want that for your school?

c. Twitter for Private Schools

Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has developed immensely. Many schools often question its usefulness in social media marketing for private schools. But here’s why they all should be rethinking ignoring Twitter.

For starters, it is best to share current happenings and any urgent news/announcements and stay updated with the world’s latest topics. Also, it lets you keep an eye on all the discourse happening on the subject of your school. Moreover, it lets you cultivate a sense of community amongst your staff, students, and their parents.

To have the best social media marketing strategy for Twitter, you just have to follow these simple tips:

  • Use branded hashtags to gather your content altogether
  • Use photos, videos, and live videos for better engagement
  • Create news content your main focus
  • Make a standard for your page in terms of timings and frequency
  • Use Twitter Analytics, because why the hell not! It’s free, it’s powerful and it’s useful
  • Make sure to engage with your followers promptly

Lastly, you must consider your school’s audience, goals, and bandwidth… If you’re staying active and engaged on your other platforms, and you’re not seeing a huge ROI from Twitter, it is normal to nix this platform.

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5 Awesome Social Media Marketing for Private Schools Tips In 2021

TIP #1: Create An Actionable Marketing Plan

The first step for anything is making a plan. You start by establishing SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Sensitive) goals to create an effective social media marketing strategy for your private school.

The next step is to set metrics by which you’ll measure your growth. In this case, it is likely to be impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate, conversion rate, engagement rate, followers, shares, and website clicks.

The last step in this process is setting some standards. Who are you targeting? What is their age, city, etc.? This will help you understand your audience which will, in turn, help you appeal to them with your content.

TIP #2: Create Engaging Content

Speaking of content, you need to make a few decisions. Are you going to post text-based content, video-based, or both kinds of content or some other form altogether? What is the tone you will use in your content? What font and color scheme will you use? What will set your private school apart?

When you have the answers to all of these questions, it’s time to start creating original, interesting, and engaging content.

Pro Tip: create content in bulk and spread it out over a time period of your choice after creating a content calendar for social media marketing for private schools. That way, you will know days, weeks, or even months in advance of what is going on your social media platforms.

TIP #3: Use Appropriate Social Media Network To Begin With

While it makes sense to choose the right social media network from the get-go but that is not such an easy thing to know always. Yes, you may play safe with options like Facebook, and maybe even LinkedIn but the rest you won’t know until you have tried it for yourself.

So what you should do is try it all! But still, only try the relevant ones. Don’t go out making TikTok videos of your students dancing or doing some other thing right at the beginning of your social media marketing journey. While it may be a great idea, the time’s just not right for you.

TIP #4: Show Classes In Action

There’s nothing better than producing content that makes you relatable to the crowd. For instance, showing yourself in action with a shot of your faculty and students in their natural element in a classroom.

A virtual school tour goes a long way too. What you’re doing with such content is letting your prospective students and their parents know that you’re a safe space for them and that choosing your school might be a good thing for them.

TIP #5: Engage and Analyze

With an active social media strategy, you can see what is working for your audience and what is not. Features like analytics let you see it for yourself and that helps you tweak your content and your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

How's Your Social Media Marketing for Private Schools Campaign Coming Along?

While we may not have taken as direct an approach as giving you a list of 100 inspiring ideas for school social media posts; but we would like to believe that this was our way of ‘showing you around’ the world of social media marketing for schools.

The private school strategies will vary from school to school, you should remember to not lose yourself in trying to be the best school by competing with other schools. Instead, you should stick to your brand and see how that puts you on a path to becoming the best school with impressive social media.

social media marketing for private schools

If you’re still confused about where to get started, speak with a marketing professional to get an estimate of the KPIs, metrics and the overall broad-spectrum strategy for private schools’ online marketing.

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