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Top 16 Public Relations Firms NYC

The following is a list of the best public relations agencies in New York City. Here are some resources to help you narrow your search for a public relations agency.

pr agencies nyc

Public relations firms use media attention to their advantage to benefit their clients’ products and/or people. The fundamental goal of a public relations firm is to have the names of its clients publicized in the media. “Earned” or “unpaid” media is similar to paid advertising in this regard.

The goal of public relations agencies is to enhance a company’s public image via the use of the media. Public relations firms often produce press releases and disseminate them to the media, as well as plan special events and do market research.

They may create speeches and proposals, as well as market research, networking, blogs, and social media promotion. They can discover good themes and deliver them to the media via their company expertise.

The good news is that they can deal with bad news, but the better information is that they can also find a way to minimize the harm.

Why is a PR agency important?

A public relations agency can do a lot for your brand and company. A good PR campaign works to build your brand image and reputation. Usually a PR campaign includes consistent media coverage, interviews and reputation management activities. These activities are done on a regular basis to support the brand image and tell the story of the company.

Good PR campaigns build credibility and provide brands with good coverage in the press. This helps in creating an organic buzz around the brand. Reading about a brand in the magazine or online medium through a media source creates interest for the customers and a natural top of mind for the brand.

Difference between a PR agency & Marketing agency?

A PR agency plans and implements activities that helps to build your brand through press coverage, interviews, articles and social media posts. These campaigns are aimed to build credibility and reputation through story telling and articles. A PR campaign can be one time or implemented on a regular basis.

A marketing agency on the other hand takes care of multiple promotion avenues. They can arrange events, launch product or services, do advertising, digital activities and PR. A marketing agency usually works with a combination of promotional activities for your brand.

How does a PR agency work?

Commonly a PR agency will first review your brand and work out a strategy based on your needs. The first steps a PR agency will take are:

1) Review your brand’s needs

The PR agency team will first review and study your brand’s needs to identify the areas that need most work. Usually the PR team will work with your team to understand the story and history behind the brand and come up with a communication plan to reach the target audience

2) Work on a strategy:

Once the needs of the brand are reviewed, the PR agency team will revert with a strategy and a plan to reach the target audience. This plan will include media coverage tactics, interviews with journalists, posts with influencers and other ways to convey your brand’s message to the audience

3) Execute & Monitor:

Once the plan is agreed upon, the PR agency will mobilize their sources and relationship networks to execute the activities. Once they are implemented, they will monitor for its success and modify the strategy if and when needed.

1. Top Agency

Top Agency

Location: San Francisco, Austin, New York

Year Founded: 2018

Employees: 100

Top Agency is a global network of integrated agencies offering comprehensive and robust services to clients all over the globe.

They take pride in their independence and a team of award-winning thinkers, designers, content producers, digital storytellers, and developers.

Because of a unique story-based and data-driven strategy, they’ve become the world’s fastest-growing PR, social, and digital firm. Brands flourish as a result of our efforts to promote ideas.

Client Lists

  • UCLA
  • Smuker’s
  • Del Monte
  • Intel

2. LaunchSquad

Location: San Francisco, New York, Chicago

Year Founded: 1999

Employees: 124

They’re telling a good narrative more than anything else in the world. This is precisely how they’ve built powerful brands over the previous two decades. They’ve worked with a wide range of businesses, from retail to municipal electricity to project management software and everything in between. The customers are changing the world and how we live in it, and they look to us to help them communicate their stories in a manner that has the greatest possible effect. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • Uber Freight
  • Lambda School
  • American Giant
  • Nuro

3. Prosek Partners

Location: New York

Year Founded: 1990

Employees: 29

There is a backstory to every brand. Telling a story is what we do best. For the first time, Prosek Partners has been accredited as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise and is one of the biggest integrated, independent communications and marketing organizations in the United States.

With a focus on financial and professional services firms, the business brings a surprising degree of enthusiasm, imagination, and marketing know-how to the table.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • Lazard
  • Tiaa Bank
  • General Atlantic
  • Carlyle

4. Hunter

Location: Boston

Year Founded: 1989

Employees: 539

Consumer marketing communications firm HUNTER has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and London, in addition to alliances that enable us to broaden our international reach.

From research-based insights to commercially proven results, HUNTER’s strategy-driven initiatives are designed to meet the needs of consumer products and services companies. An organization with 230+ employees employs a variety of marketing strategies including strategic planning and earned media relations, social media engagement, talent engagement with influencers, experiential marketing, multicultural outreach, and content production and distribution across all platforms.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • Vera Bradly
  • Abbott
  • Ciroc
  • Bed Head

5. M Booth

Location: Boston

Year Founded: 1984

Employees: 371

M Booth’s tagline is “Be Inspired,” and that’s all she says. Innovation, creativity, and inspiration permeate every aspect of our company, from the people we hire to how we work with our customers to our own interests.

To attract the finest individuals and the best businesses, we are a culture-first communications firm that fosters a work environment full of boldness, ideas, respect, and compassion.

Whether it’s keeping at the vanguard of digital and social innovation, honing our narrative abilities, or delivering game-changing insights that result in campaigns that win in the marketplace, we are fiercely committed to our clients and their businesses.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • Beiersdrof
  • Brooks
  • Noosa
  • Johnson & Johnson

6. Brunswick

Location: Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Chicago, Dallas, Dubai

Year Founded: 1845

Employees: 1465

An advisory firm specializing in critical business issues in Brunswick. They help organizations develop trusting connections with all of their stakeholders.

For a business to succeed, it must be able to communicate effectively with all its stakeholders. This is why our clients come to us for help.

Knowing how firms are connected is second nature to us because of their experience in financial communications. It also implies that we have a profound sense of integrity: a willingness to be honest, transparent, and accurate.

Brunswick is a multinational corporation. When it comes to delivering anyplace, we’re known for having employees with a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds and abilities that can pull it off.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • BT
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Bank of Scotland

7. Clarity

Location: New York City, London, Cornwall, Los Angeles, Amsterdam

Year Founded: 2013

Employees: 137

Offices of Clarity may be found in several major European cities, including London, Cornwall, San Fransisco/Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. Global communications business Clarity is experiencing significant expansion.

In addition to making a significant initial effect, our worldwide team of PR and marketing specialists understands how to design communications strategies that provide considerable continuing value for our customers.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • Mirza
  • FitTrack
  • Crest Medical
  • This Girl Can

8. Vested

Location: New York

Year Founded: 2015

Employees: 101

It is an integrated marketing firm that combines financial and fintech knowledge with creativity and results.

We’ve worked with financial brands of all sizes over the last 15 years, and now we’re launching Vested to provide a hands-on, creative approach to communications to financial institutions.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • Morgan Stanley
  • American Express
  • Bloomberg
  • Bailard

9. Cornerstone

Location: New York

Year Founded: 1995

Employees: 55

An award-winning creative firm, Cornerstone, believes that to connect with people, you must first inspire them. Established in 1996 by Rob Stone and Jon Cohen, Cornerstone represents Fortune 500 companies in numerous fields, focusing on consumer goods and services as well as music/entertainment.

Cornerstone builds and amplifies unique brand strategies that successfully target and engage with the important and elusive millennial generation, whether developing new companies or reenergizing old ones. Cornerstone is based in New York City and maintains offices in Los Angeles, London, and Sao Paulo.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • Spirit House
  • We Are The Bucks
  • Coverse Represent
  • Cons Project

10. Joele Frank

Location: Boston

Year Founded: 2000

Employees: 173

Joele Frank is a premier financial communications and investor relations business renowned for its expertise, ethics, and passion.

Throughout our history, we have stayed true to our mission: to help our customers accomplish their objectives by delivering high-quality, practical, and reliable communications advice and assistance.

We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and support them in whatever way we can. We also take responsibility for our own actions. Their goal is to assist our customers to examine their position, considering their alternatives, defining goals, and rapidly arriving at a plan that allows them to go ahead confidently.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • DuPont
  • Allergan
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Herbalife

11. Chandler Chicco Agency

Location: London, Los Angeles, New York

Year Founded: 1995

Employees: 73

As a Syneos HealthTM firm, Chandler Chicco Agency (CCA) has been a pioneer in global health communications for over 25 years.

With our deep expertise in the healthcare industry and award-winning measuring technologies, we are able to continuously offer creative solutions to our customers. We go above and beyond the call of duty by assessing the firm’s objectives, the product, and all relevant stakeholders.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • Navicor
  • Litmus
  • Cadent
  • Addison Whitney

12. FINN Partners

Location: Boston, Philadelphia, Park City, West Palm Beach

Year Founded: 2011

Employees: 906

In addition to being an integrated marketing firm, FINN Partners is more.

Communication experts that are on a mission to have a positive impact on the world are our team.

Using their services, they transform the relationship between brands and their consumers. The way a company is seen and perceived by the public. Movements are the result of causes. Stakeholders’ perceptions of the stakes. How to get people’s attention by telling and sharing fantastic tales. Tracking leads and outcomes at the same time.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • Westin
  • Amylyx
  • Belize
  • 2K Games

13. Colangelo & Partners

Location: California, New York

Year Founded: 2006

Employees: 77

The name Colangelo & Partners is likely to be mentioned when food and beverage marketing services are discussed by industry insiders. From tiny, entrepreneurial firms to regional and national organizations like the trade commissions of Spain and South Africa, we’ve progressively expanded our customer base over the past nine years.

They believe that a brand’s narrative may be effectively spread throughout the current media environment if it has a well-integrated communications strategy. Colangelo & Partners is an excellent match for luxury, artisan companies looking to expand their operations in the United States and abroad because of its worldwide clientele and global workforce culture.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • Banshee
  • Bastille
  • Montecillo
  • Botter

14. Antenna

Location: New York, San Francisco, Detroit, Washington DC

Year Founded: 1996

Employees: 171

Bringing relevant ideas, technologies, services, products, and projects to life for B2B firms in high-growth and high-impact areas is what Antenna does.

Every account is a success because of the team’s extensive topic knowledge, tactical experience, and unwavering dedication.

This team is inspired by working with businesses that positively influence the world’s most important sectors.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • BreezoMeter
  • Aspen Heights
  • Omnidian
  • Peak Drive

15. McPherson Strategies

Location: New York

Year Founded: 2013

Employees: 15

McPherson Strategies is a public relations firm that specializes in bridging the gap between corporate social responsibility and consumer demand.

We create, promote, and disseminate social responsibility and philanthropy programs.

Companies, non-profit organizations, and social entrepreneurs may rely on our expertise in influencing stakeholders and gaining the attention of influential individuals. In our view, the business world is a force for good, and sustainability benefits business.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client Lists

  • SalesForce
  • Heifer
  • Zoetis
  • Games For Change

16. Dynamo

Location: New York

Year Founded: 2013

Employees: 4

It does exactly what it claims to do. You can count on us to get to the bottom of your telecommunications issues as promptly as possible. From startups to the world’s most well-known companies, they’ve worked with everyone in between, and they urge every business to take a step back from the beginning to get their narrative on track.

They conduct a forensic investigation of your company.

They consider your goals, which may include increasing sales or finding new business partners, but they may also involve redefining your personal brand. You need to think about your current situation, where you want to go in the future, your product releases, events, and how you want to move them forward with all the many media platforms we have today.

Client Lists

  • 3Doodler
  • Bluesmart
  • Chipolo
  • Depop
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