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TOP 15 PR Firms in Atlanta

PR firms in Atlanta are becoming too relevant to ignore in today’s world. Find out the benefits and how you can find the right PR agency for your brand

best pr agencies in atlanta

Managing a business takes more than just focusing on ensuring that you have your products or service ready for delivery. It is important to also find out and work on how your audience sees you, your company, products or services, and how well they trust you. There is no point in maintaining optimal production if there are no people on the other side who want to consume your products. This is why public relations is a key and integral arm of business management.

And today, you don’t have to break a sweat over your public relations (PR) because there are tons of PR firms in Atlanta out there that can manage this task for you. However, you have to be careful so that you don’t pick an agency with poor service delivery. This is why you have to carefully research all the agencies you can find and not only choose the best of them but also the perfect one for your company.

Services Rendered By PR Firms in Atlanta

PR is not necessarily as simple as it sounds. Some services are expected from the agency you choose to work with. These are…

Reputation management

This is probably the most important function of any PR agency. A good agency must watch your back and ensure that they respond to every post that mentions your name including reviews and reports.

Social media management

Most pr firms manage the social media handles of their clients. Social media platforms are probably the primary avenue by which business owners relate to their prospective and existing customers.

Crises management

Most business leaders experience crises every now and then. And when you face crises, you may not be able to think straight or develop a management strategy for it. PR firms have tested and proven crisis management strategies that can be employed to manage the situation.

Speech writing

Holding press conferences and giving speeches at events is not new in the business world. If anyone is to deliver a speech on behalf of your company, using your pr agency may be a great idea. Or better still, let them write the speech for you.

Event planning

Planning an event can be maximized as a tactic to improve your brand awareness. And your pr experts know the best way to communicate your event to your stakeholders and the general public.

1. Top Agency

Top Agency

Year Founded: 2018

Company size: 100+

Top Agency is a global pr firm with industry-leading experts that understand the power of both reactive and proactive public relations. They constantly learn, test, optimize, and scale your stories to make your brand grow really fast. Top Agency don’t only react to news but also create them. According to them, “Our PR Agency has the resources and talent to create one-of-a-kind PR strategies and the cutting-edge tools needed to flawlessly execute and exceed KPIs.”

Notable clients

  • Milk bone
  • Smuckers
  • Boosky
  • Fresh books

2. Eberly & Collard Public Relations

Eberly & Collard Public Relations

Year Founded: 2002

Company size: 1 — 10

Eberly and Collard Public Relations offer expert public relations services as well as business – customer and business — business marketing services. They manage the reputation and brand marketing for individuals and companies in different niches. Eberly and Collard PR understand that reputation is important for maintaining good sales and even driving sales to higher levels.

Notable clients

  • Trinity Lightweight
  • Kings Haven
  • Knotting Hill Interiors
  • Terra Nova

3. Caren West PR

Caren West PR

Year Founded: 2005

Company size: 1 — 10

Caren West is one of the top PR firms in Atlanta that believes telling a story doesn’t only have to be engaging but also dynamic enough to incite the desired action from your audience. They believe that the conversation between a brand and its audience doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. Caren West pr agency keeps the dialogue going.

Notable clients

  • Arezzona
  • Art Meso
  • Bully Boy
  • Fire Pit

4. Schroder Public Relations

Schroder Public Relations

Year Founded: 2002

Company size: 11 — 50

Schroder Public Relations is led by Chris Schroder and they manage branding, crisis, eNewsletter publishing, media strategy, speech prep, video production, and web design for brands, individuals, and companies. They have a team and build a custom strategy for your brand.

Notable clients

  • Perkins + Will
  • Murphy’s Restaurant
  • New South Construction
  • Fifth Street Management

5. Media Frenzy Global

Media Frenzy Global

Year Founded: 2013

Company size: 11 — 50

Media Frenzy Global is a technology PR and marketing agency providing public relations, content marketing, and strategic communications services. If you run a company in the tech world, Media Frenzy Global is a great pr firm to deal with. They can easily help you to generate the much-required attention that will drive your brand differentiation and growth.

Notable clients

  • Jelly Fish
  • Ninja Number
  • Stratix
  • Digital First

6. Joseph Studios

Joseph Studios

Year Founded: 2016

Company size: 11 — 50

Joseph Studios is an advanced organic marketing and public relations firm that help new entrepreneurs, small, and large-scale business owners. They use intelligence-based organic marketing and open source intelligence strategies to desired business results. Joseph Studios combine OSINT, F3EAD, deep insight, and multiple channels for analysis and implementation of a brand-based customized strategy.

Notable clients

  • Rolex
  • Delta
  • Focal
  • Genexa

7. Phase 3 Marketing and Communications

Phase 3 Marketing and Communications

Year Founded: 2001

Company size: 201 — 500

Phase 3 is one of the best PR firms in Atlanta that keeps your brand and company engaged and high above the noise. They understand that every business requires good communication with the public to grow and earn profits. They have invested in pr talents, the best resources, and strategies that will keep your brand in the front and your message behind the wheels.

Notable clients

  • Nexia
  • 23-Oliver Hospitality
  • The Indigo Road
  • Rexroth

8. Dream Team Digital Marketing

Dream Team Digital Marketing

Year Founded: 2011

Company size: 1 — 10

The Dream Team Digital Marketing firm is led by Gabriel Angelo Lucero, one of the top marketing leaders of Markprof Foundations Inc. The team also offers email marketing, graphics and web design, social media marketing and optimization, search engine optimization, and video editing. They work on turing your brand into what people are interested in.

Notable clients

  • Mitsubishi
  • Hobby Collect
  • Polished Punk

9. Brave Public Relations

Brave Public Relations

Year Founded: 1999

Company size: 1 — 10

Brave Public Relations believe that every brand has a story. The agency is found upon a core concept which is to connect companies and elevate thier brands using an evvective storytelling strategy. Brave Public Relations conbine personalized partnership with smart strategies to deliver their PR and marketing services.

Notable clients

  • Atlanta Magazine
  • Atlanta Eats
  • Bellyard
  • Aurora Theatre

10. The Burnette Agency

The Burnette Agency

Year Founded: 2014

Company size: 1 — 10

The Burnette Agency offers social media, creative, and public relations services. Thier pr services is geared towards positioning your brand and telling your story to the relevant audience. The Burnette Agency uses a variety of appropriate mediums to clarify your voice and bring overall brand awareness.

Notable clients

  • Atlanta Waterjet
  • Busy Bee
  • Basic
  • Gulf Community Church

11. Tadpole Communications

Tadpole Communications

Year Founded: 2015

Company size: 1 — 10

Tadpole Communications beleive that storytelling must be done with passion to generate the desired result and they do this using the right communication strategy to connect your brand to your target audience. Tadpole Communications have an extensive experience in the entertainment industry and this can be an advantage to you if you work with them.

Notable clients

  • ESL
  • Dreamhack
  • University of Georgia
  • Fine hygiene Holding

12. Brandware


Year Founded: 2000

Company size: 11 — 50

Brandware is one of the PR firms in Atlanta.They are research-driven and dig deep for insights that give your story the authentic life and powerful legs that it needs.The professionls work to take guess work out of the way and ensuring that your investment on public relations, social media, and marketing yield the desired results.

Notable clients

  • Porshe
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Rain Bird
  • Mohawk

13. Axia Public Relations

Axia Public Relations

Year Founded: 2004

Company size: 11 — 50

Axia pr deals with regional and national companies. They believe that communication must be measured if any company will stand above equals. According to them, “you can’t just rely on the number of media clips, media impressions, and advertising value equivalency when there are so many more ways to measure PR.” Planning ahead and afterward measuring your progress shows that your PR strategies and implementation are on the right track.

Notable clients

  • Adecco
  • Brightway Insurance
  • Consumer Attorneys
  • Mall Of America

14. Lead Coverage

Lead Coverage

Year Founded: 2012

Company size: 11 — 50

Lead Coverage is one o the trusted PR firms in Atlanta that renders paid ads, public relations, marketing automation and revenue operations (RevOps) services. They offer pr to B2B, supply chain, tech and industrial companies. Their services are backed by real-time reports and this gives a measurable value to every cent spent on pr and marketing.

Notable clients

  • Demand Base
  • Connect And Sell
  • Hub Spot
  • Union Resolute

15. Strategic Vision PR Group

Strategic Vision PR Group

Year Founded: 2001

Company size: 11 — 50

Strategic Vision PR Group is an Atlanta based pr company that specialized in crises communication and public relations management for authors, businesses, and celebs. They can manage all PR needs including press release, story pitching and placement, media coaching, strategy planning and consulting, internal and external communication, and product launching.

Notable clients

  • CNN
  • ESPN
  • The New York Times
  • WSJ


Choosing the right agency from the pool of PR firms in Atlanta is paramount for the overall success of your company. The agency you choose to work with determines the quality of service that you will get. So, you must carefully make the right choice by checking the history, reputation, experience, clientele, strategy, and price of the firm you choose in Atlanta.

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