Pinterest Sales Strategies for Businesses In 2022

Pinterest is a unique platform for anyone looking to scale their Pinterest sales strategy suite to the next level. Here's how to get started.

Are you managing an online business on social media platforms and thinking of giving Pinterest a try but unsure of the right Pinterest sales strategy? Or you’re already using Pinterest for business?

Being a visual search engine, Pinterest is considered a great platform to promote your brand. If you’re not doing the latter yet, getting your brand onboard this visual platform might be the right time. And if you aren’t aware already, Pinterest offers businesses a particular way to expose themselves.

After signing up, you can start sharing content right away and, therefore, social media marketing on the platform.

To take full advantage of the platform, start uploading your business’s content, Pin content you find interesting on the platform. Since “engagement” is critical, follow boards of your friends and competitors, “Like,” and comment on others’ posts, repost content, and share links to your main website.

Pinterest offers personal and business accounts. Doing so grants access to Analytics and features, such as; a visual search tool, a native video player, and the capability to run Pinterest ads if chosen.

With the orientation out of the way, let’s review some of the Pinterest sales strategies to help you enhance your audience base and influence.

Here’s how you can scale your Pinterest business sales strategies to the next level. Read on…

8 Things To Know About Pinterest For Business

1. Initiate a Marketing Strategy

Like you work on any other social media platform, start by laying out a sales strategy for Pinterest – don’t go straight in.

Fabricating a Pinterest sales strategy means:

  • Defining SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant). Besides growing Followers’ base on Pinterest, ask yourself, “Will the platform boost traffic to the main website? Will it expand sales, or will it drive sign-ups for an event?”
  • Analyzing Pinterest audience most likely to use the platform.
  • Looking into competitors’ strategies on this channel.
  • Arranging and blending on-brand content for Pinterest into the social media content calendar.

Once you have a defined strategy in front of you, you then start working towards your goals.

2. Engaging Content

Admittedly, by efficiently taking advantage of it for business, Pinterest in an ocular platform means generating high-quality, appealing content to share.

So, what makes a pin so appealing?

  • Vertical Imagery. Around 82% of users jump onto the Pinterest platform via mobile device, go for a 2:3 aspect ratio to prevent the awkwardly cropped images from showing up.
  • Image and video quality. Always aim for the platform’s recommended image and video quality to avoid pixilation.
  • Expressive Pins. Try adding good descriptions to your Pins –improves SEO and inspires people to stop by and check your content.
  • Text overlay. Consider adding a headline that emphasizes the visual message.
  • Incorporate Logos. If it represents your business and is a synch to your Pinterest sales strategy, incorporates logos in your Pins, so your brand doesn’t get lost during the Pinterest shuffle process.

Double-check your links. Broken links won’t get you anywhere. Always make sure the links with your Pins are working and load up quickly to give users the best experience possible.

Most importantly, remain consistent. Regular pinning ensures your content reaches to a broader audience. Daily updates are more effective than doing it once in a while.

3. Seek Various Pin Formats

True that; Pinterest is an image-sharing platform. But it’s not restricted to just photos. Blend it with a video of your eCommerce store, or add multiple images to a pin to create a carousel.

For example, this is what Nike is doing to promote its business

Add carousels like this to show off a variety

Even though around 80% of people come to this social platform to come across new products or a brand, think ahead of your competitors.

Users land on this platform for encouragement, with 85% of Pinners coming onboard favoring starting a new project. Why not share some how-to content among your audience for a fun and informative experience –boosting user engagement.

For instance, here, Nespresso shares a step-by-step pin to engage people with its brand:

4. Strategically Plan Your Board(s)

According to Pinterest, around 97% of searches are unbranded. Your brand’s boards can divert new people keen towards new topics or exploring specific things.

Let’s take Oreo’s example: They have incorporated Pins with upcoming seasonal holidays –Spooky Sweet Halloween board and Holidays with Oreo board.

The point is how tactfully the brand has mixed useful, engaging, and creative content boards with more promotional boards.

Then we have Aveeno; they have boards not only for their products but also have introduced boards like Earth Day, including Pins showing their brand and at the same time understanding what their audience supports and values.

5. Develop SEO Friendly Pins

Yes, Pinterest is a visual platform, BUT it’s also a search engine. Ensure your Brand’s Pins are easy to locate –add keywords in your Pins’ descriptions, on boards, and in hashtags

  • Rich Pins (Organic), intended to Pin new content from your website while avoiding similar content, boosts your brand’s SEO.
  • More insight on SEO tips can be gained from this article.

6. Experimenting With Various Pinterest Ads

Yet another Pinterest Sales Strategy for your business is the effective use of Ads. The social network allows marketers to focus on ads around keywords, location, interests, age, and other metrics.

An in-depth audience targeting lets marketers reach out to specific groups of users, including:

  • Users that have been to your website
  • Users that have engaged with your Pins
  • Those who engaged with similar content on the platform
  • A custom list, like your newsletter subscribers

Pinterest supports a wide variety of ad types; video ads, collections, and promoted pins. If you’re interested in learning more about Pinterest advertising, read this article.

7. Keep Track of Metrics

A lucrative Pinterest Sales Strategy is data-driven. Tracking, measuring, and focusing on crucial Pinterest metrics and users’ behavior gives an insight to managers on which content performs best and which one is a little less engaging.

8. Promote Your Pinterest Profile

Lastly, make sure your followers know your presence on Pinterest. Boost your Pinterest profile by:

  • By linking to your Pinterest profile on your main website.
  • Incorporating a link in your email signature.
  • Promoting your Pinterest business profile on other social media platforms.

Setting Up Pinterest For Business Account

Step 1: After setting up your personal Pinterest account, log in and navigate settings.

Step 2: Choose Account Settings in the left-hand menu.

Step 3: Scroll down to Account Changes and under Convert to Business account click Convert account.

Step 4: Fill out all the relevant information like the business’s name, language, and location. Choose a description that best suits your business and include a link to your website.

One other option is to link a Pinterest business account to an existing personal account. While logged into a personal account, choose the Add Account option

Now, select Create under Create an Accessible Business Account option

Once the business account is created, follow the same steps as above: include the business’s name, language, location, description, and a link to the website. And you’re ready to start marketing on Pinterest!

9 Popular Pinterest Sales Strategy Tools

Social Media Management Tools

This tool aids in scheduling posts and organizing content on any social network, including Pinterest, before posting it.

Hootsuite: With the help of this tool, an array of tasks can be done; schedule Pins in advance, gather insights into data and measure the results on Pinterest.

Tailwind: It is used by content creators, bloggers, and brand promoters to grow their Pinterest audience. This tool works by creating aspiring content, sharing it on time on Pinterest, and getting high engagements in return.

Sprout Special: This one happens to be the official Pinterest Marketing partner.

The tool supports the entire campaign process, from sourcing and publishing pins to handling interactions with Pinners and evaluating results. The end goal is to generate maximum impact for the Pinterest campaign.

Pinterest Image Design and Creation Tools

The name says it all. Seeing that Pinterest is a visual network where viewers come across amusing, alluring, and innovative images and videos, it’s extremely important that your content looks perfect. With this tool, you can design, create, and publish pro-level photos and pictures on the platform.

Canva: Takes a portion of hard work out of the equation by presenting content creators a mammoth of around 1 million images, graphics, icons, and graphics to choose from.

Pablo: With this tool, content creators can produce fascinating content in under 30 seconds with the help of easy-to-use effects and templates.

PicMonkey: It not only allows you to create but also edit images by using advanced tools like masking, mirroring, and double exposure.

Follower Count & Community Growth Tools

These tools are available on Pinterest to promote your profile and content and increase followers and engagements.

These are:

PinGroupie: It provides a variety of pins, users, and followers on different group boards, so a user can determine whether or not to join and share Pins in a group.

Loop88: By utilizing this tool efficiently, marketers can develop visuals that show their brand to the target audience and grow their following.

PinFollow: When stalking is your hobby on Pinterest, PicMonkey is for you. It provides insights into who’s following you, who you’re following back, and most importantly, “Who you follow isn’t following you back.”

Over To You!

Pinterest also stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other social networks. This marketing platform can increase brand awareness, boost conversions, increase sales, and create long-lasting relationships with customers.

By reviewing the strategies and tools above, you outperform your competitors and grow your business on this platform. So, sign up for a business account, start creating unique content to attract people towards your business, and grow your follower base.

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