Who are Nano Influencers & Why Should You Work With One?

Nano influencers have the highest engagement rate as compared to any other influencer group. Here are 5 top reasons to work with one today!

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According to sources at Sway Group and Forbes magazine, influencer marketing is expected to reach a worth of $15 Billion by the year 2022. But, here’s the best part: by the year 2025, in terms of growth, social media platforms will have approx. 4.41 Billion worldwide users. This brings us to our subject, which is everything you need to know about nano influencers, & how to find and work with one.

While the industry is littered with all kinds of brands by now, there’s still a bunch of them who haven’t discovered the amount of influence that nano influencers have. Oh, and these guys are also called micro-influencers.

So, moving on, let’s see what nano influencers are, and how you can hire one if your business needs a bit of marketing and traffic.

Who are Nano Influencers?

Now, there are essentially two ways to define nano influencers.
Often called “micro influencers”, nano influencers are people who have recently stepped into the social media influencer industry as influencers. These guys do not have a lot of followers; let’s say something between 5,000 to 10,000 active users.
Another definition or a way of relating to nano influencers are specifically Instagram influencers who have a follower count between 1,000 to 5,000.

Instagram or no Instagram, when it comes to nano influencers, we believe that you should only be focused on the social media influencer profiles with a small audience pool.

But Nano Influencers are Small! Why Should I Work With Them?

Oh yes, nano influencers are down there in the food chain. Compared to mega influencers, who have millions and millions of followers, a nano influencer, is not a big deal.

To that effect, nano influencer content, whether it is on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, also has a limited audience. The influencer profiles look a little rusty; images are not filtered and don’t look highly professional and vice versa.
But here’s the best part!

Nano influencers exude the ‘Girl/ Guy Next Door Look’ and they have the maximum impact on their audience through the power of content.

At the same time, small-scale social media influencers are very keen when it comes to numbers, conversion stats, and user engagement trends. Since these guys know that they are competing against the big boys league, they are constantly looking to adapt and evolve.
For the same reason, you will find it easier to work with nano influencers because:


  • They do not charge as much as compared mega influencers
  • You have multiple channels to communicate with nano influencers
  • You know that your opinion is heard because nano influencers tend to pay more attention to potential business partners

Above all, small-time social media influencers, when hired in a bunch, have the potential to drive high converting traffic to your business without any strings. We’ll talk about that later.

Top 5 Reasons to Work With Nano Influencers & How to Get the Most Results For Your Brand

There are tons of reasons to work with nano influencers. We have highlighted a bunch of them above, but let’s elaborate on the most important ones.

Take a look below:

1. Audience Connectivity Is Much Better

Nano influencers are more active when it comes to connecting with the audience. If you go through their social media page, or the platform they use for influencer marketing, you will notice that the response rate is higher, detailed, and mostly on time.

In other words, a nano influencer is more likely to be in touch with his/ her audience as compared to mega influencers.

Likewise, for business collaborations, you can expect a detailed response from nano influencers. They are quick on getting back to you, and they know that each “customer” needs to be treated with a 5-star service standard which goes a long way into forming business relationships.

2. Higher Engagement Rates

Nano influencers have a higher engagement rate on social media platforms.

For instance, the image below highlights engagement rate comparisons between different tiers of influencers.

nano influencers have highest engagement rate

At the top, you will see Instagram mega influencers with an average audience of 1 Million+ and a measly engagement percentage of 1.97%. At the same time, micro-influencers have a higher audience engagement rate of up to 5.60% despite the small audience group.

In other words, higher reachability means better conversion and traffic retention prospects for your business later.

3. Improved Trust Factor

Remember when we said that nano influencers exude the “Girl/ Guy Next Door” vibe?

That’s because they come off as people to whom you can relate. VICE media recently released a video, titled: I had 30 Days to Become an Influencer. The moral of the story is that regardless of the tips and tricks on how to become a nano influencer, keeping it all original and being yourself is the key to your growth.

Medium also featured a recent study that highlights the decision-making process of startups and new business owners. These companies tend to trust people to who they can easily relate. In other words, we are comfortable with making decisions and investing in projects with our friends; people who can be connected with at the same wavelength.

Meanwhile, nano influencers are at a huge advantage because they know the audience’s value of trust. Therefore, most of these profile owners keep it “real”, to the point, and true.

4. Brand Relevancy & Competitive Edge

Unless and until there’s less competition, most of the content that nano influencers create is very niche-specific.

Let’s take the example of eco-friendliness. ‘Wandering Wild Home’, also known as ‘Vivi’ is a popular nano influencer on Instagram and Pinterest. Her content theme is environmental friendliness, where she talks about different things that promote the use of recyclable materials, and DIY stuff.

Although many brands do not have eco-friendly products, if you were to own a business in such a category, you will find Vivi as a reliable resource to connect with. She is the type of nano influencer who shares very useful insights on reducing the amount of waste material in our lives, despite being a narrow niche-specific content creator.

Likewise, as the audience engagement percentage is at an all-time high, working with nano influencers comes with certain perks. There’s a competitive edge because nano influencer content is Ad-Free; they give you their full focus and undivided attention and you have better chances of conversion.

The best advice that we can give you when it comes to how to work with nano influencers is to share a detailed brief. Your sponsored post will be the first, and in most cases, the only one to be featured in their next post.

While sharing a brief with nano influencers, leave some room for creativity. Influencers do not like to work under restrictions. They are called “influencers” for a reason because such people have a knack for creativity. It’s always good to hear their side of the story, and how they will promote your content, instead of always sticking with a script and keeping everything border lined.

5. Better Audience Retention

how nano influencer attract audience

Since audience engagement levels are high, you have better chances of retaining the referral traffic coming in from nano influencer content.

The best way of retaining those visitors is through email follow-ups, newsletters, and other forms of customer acquisition tactics. Many companies working with influencers, do not pay much attention to retaining an audience because these companies are more interested in moving on to new projects.

However, retaining your previous nano influencers’ audience, and applying creative ways to connect with new incoming traffic through future projects is the best way of ensuring that your brand is banking on its own contacts list in the long run.

With nano influencers, business scalability is much better because the audience groups can be segmented and personalized to some extent. The traffic is relevant. And with the content that nano influencers create, stay in touch with all the potential new clients + conversions are much easier as compared to the crazy amount of non-converting prospects you usually get through mega influencer content.

At the End of the Day…

There are tons of up-and-coming businesses looking to work with nano influencers. If you are considering any type of collaboration and don’t know how to execute your outreach strategy, it is better to get in touch with a bunch of digital marketing professionals. They’ll take care of everything for you, as you wouldn’t have to worry about creating briefs, outreach emails, back and forth communication, and billing dates.

That being said, we would love to hear back from you. If you have ever worked with nano influencers before, drop your comments in the comments section below.

Good luck and have fun scaling your new projects out there!

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