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TOP 15 PR Firms Miami

Public relations has become a must-have for brands and businesses. Here is what you need to know to identify the best and perfect PR agency Miami to deal with…

The business world is constantly changing, and things are not how they used to be. One significant pressure business owners and entrepreneurs face is putting their words out. Asides from ensuring that you deliver value to your clients and customers, you also want to ensure that they have a good perspective of you. This is why many entrepreneurs hire the service of a PR firm in Miami.

The need to work with public relations professionals is increasingly becoming important in the business world. And since there are tons of agencies out there, you may get confused when you check the ocean of agencies struggling to get your attention while all you need is just one of them. So, you need to know the criteria that will help you to make the right choice. 

Criteria for choosing the right PR firm in Miami 

The services you need VS what they offer

You must understand that maintaining your public reputation and putting your word out there is not the only service you can get from a PR company. Strategic communication, crisis management, social media management, press releases, digital content creation, and public affairs are just some services you can hope to get from the best professional company. 

Is the scope of the company local, national, or international?

Most startups may need to work with a local public relations service provider. However, this is not a rule of thumb. The agency you choose should be able to cover your target audience beyond the scope. You should also project into the future when deciding on this. You want to choose public relations agency that has the coverage you need for the next couple of years. Choosing a local or national PR service provider would be wrong if your company targets a global market.

What specific industry/sector do they work for?

The expertise of your service provider is essential. You want to ensure they have the expertise and experience to manage your projects. You can simply browse through the company’s official website to check their specialty, whether technology PR, education PR, or healthcare PR. The choice you make here primarily depends on what you need. 

Now that you know the top keys to identifying the right agency for your company, it’s time to check out Miami’s top 15 PR firms.

1. Top Agency

Top Agency

Year Founded: 2018

Company size: 100 employees

Top Agency is a full-service public relations agency made up of relentless professionals in driving measurable results for businesses. According to them, “We’re more than just the model of a modern global PR agency; we’re inventing what it means to be a modern global PR agency.” They have data-powered and creativity-fueled strategies for all your desired PR services. Visit the website  here

Notable clients

  • Budweiser
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Intel
  • Ucla

2. Fractl

Year Founded: 2012

Company size: 200 employees

Fractl PR agency Miami focuses on pairing top-quality content with target audiences to drive intended results. They do this by crafting business stories around newsworthy information using proven strategies. They work on building something worth pitching. They can either launch your content or create outstanding data-focused, optimized content for you. Visit the website  here

Notable clients

  • Wise Bread
  • Men’s Health
  • Today
  • Travel Channel

3. Boardroom PR

Year Founded: 1989

Company size: 50 employees

Boardroom PR brings positive attention to your company’s reputation and brand. They get you the notice you need by turning up your volume. The agency comprises public relations, multimedia, and marketing professionals who work hand-in-hand to take businesses to the desired destination. Boardroom PR work with diverse industries, including banking and finance, real estate, legal, education, healthcare, technology, and hospitality. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Paramount
  • The Keyes Company
  • Encore Capital Management
  • e-Builder

4. S & G

Year Founded: 2010

Company size: 50 employees

S & G content marketing and public relations agency offers PR and media outreach, content amplification, custom content, and video production services to brands and companies. They believe that your content and services are only good if they reach the right people the right way. S & G works on developing custom strategies for brands irrespective of the company’s size. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Senior Helpers
  • Eperi
  • Las Vegas
  • School Apply

5. The Weinbach Group

Year Founded: 1987

Company size: 50 employees

The Weinbach Group offers excellent writing talent, creativity, and savvy marketing professionalism to brands and businesses. Their services include public relations, marketing, and advertisement. As a full-service PR agency Miami, they are easy to work with, show flexibility, and are easy to work with. The Weinbach has a record of an average client tenure of almost a decade. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Genuine Health
  • Jackson Health System
  • HCA
  • The Miami Foundation

6. TransMedia Group

Year Founded: 1981

Company size: 10 employees

TransMedia Group is one of the top multi-lingual public relations agencies. They have global coverage making them suitable for both local and international PR services, and are perfect for startups, big companies, and brands. TransMedia Group provides services in Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian, Hebrew, and of course, English. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Pet Tracks
  • Alvin Pollock
  • Altitude International
  • Peter Ticktin

7. RBB Communications

Year Founded: 2009

Company size: 10 employees

RBB Communications use their flexible thinking to generate solid results. It is a one-stop agency for all public relations and marketing services. RBB Communications offer branding, creative and content, crisis and reputation, marketing, media relations, internal and external communications, partnership and influencers, and public relations services, using their storytelling skills to connect brands to a target audience. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • HBO Latin America
  • Thomson Reuters
  • M&M’s
  • DHL

8. David PR Group

Year Founded: 1998

Company size: 50 employees

David PR Group is a PR agency Miami that focuses on helping companies and brands solve their communications and public relations challenges. They develop and implement strategies for targeted public relations, marketing, campaigns, and protect brand images to achieve results. David PR Group has a watchword which is to protect the reputation of their clients online. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • CNN
  • CNBC
  • The Fox Channel
  • BusinessWeek

9. The Red Carrot PR

Year Founded: 2011

Company size: 50 employees

The Red Carrot PR is a public relations agency whose services are fueled by passion, intelligence, and expertise. The agency is woman-owned and passionate about delivering creative and measurable solutions to drive brand and business growth. The team sees every challenge as an opportunity to grow businesses using proven strategies. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • SBA
  • Air National Guard
  • Army National Guard
  • US Department of Homeland Security

10. JLPR

Year Founded: 2006

Company size: 50 employees

JLPR is a Miami-based public relations agency that offers public relations and social media services using four major channels; strategically getting your word out to achieve top-tier coverage, multiple channel message delivery, tieing brands to an amazing, memorable experience, and getting the right people at the right, preplanned time. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Red bull
  • Pepsi
  • Taurus
  • Mercedes-Benz

11. Covo Boutique PR

Year Founded: 2008

Company size: 50 employees

Covo Boutique is a strategic, creative, and interactive digital public relations studio based in Miami. They don’t believe in waiting for opportunities to happen; they create opportunities. According to Covo Boutique, “We work to convince the audience of your choice to purchase your product, promote your idea, support your position, or recognize your accomplishments.”Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Andreaviloriar Música
  • María Camila 
  • Paulina Diazgranados
  • Mateoromerofoto Models

12. ICY PR

Year Founded: 2015

Company size: 10 employees

ICY PR agency is a result-driven local and international public relations company with expertise in purposeful, powerful, and profitable branding. They offer publicity, marketing, event planning, and branding services to companies and business owners. ICY PR offers full-service communication campaigns and marketing continual service or one-time project management to achieve business goals. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

    • Ella Brown Couture
    • Studio D’Maxi
    • DJ Don X
    • Ijorere

13. The 2020 Agency

Year Founded: 1995

Company size: 10 employees

The 2020 Agency believes that every brand has a vision, and the vision must be shared. They offer digital advertising, marketing and branding, media, event production, and public relations services. The 2020 Agency loves to compose stories for brands in the marketplace with the view to develop businesses, make positive impacts, and preserve reputations. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Delano
  • Sparkling Ice
  • Art Wynwood
  • New Element

14. Plume Creative Consulting

Year Founded: 2020

Company size: 10 employees

Plume Creative Consulting creates impactful experiences, mesmerizing stories, and revenue-driving partnerships using public relations and top-notch communications skills. As a one-stop service provider, some of the services they offer include creative idea generation, copywriting, influencer negotiation, event promotion and management, partnership development, executive training, branding and rebranding, and public relations and crisis management. Visit the website  here.

Notable clients

  • FEB Sartorial Knitting
  • Treasure Quest Adventures
  • Hotel Aguas Claras
  • Baha Mar Resort

15. ARRO

Year Founded: 2020

Company size: 10 employees

ARRO is a financial marketing and PR agency Miami that works with financial service providers. They offer holistic services involving branding, pr, content generation, and advertising. According to them, “we believe that quality client service means not only respecting our clients’ time and resources but also informing their decision-making process through active collaboration to produce the best possible final product.” Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Cambria
  • BP Capital
  • Amplify
  • Bio Shares


Having checked through the list of top 15 public relations companies in Miami and you know the criteria that will help you to make the right choice, it’s time to set your business ahead of others. One final key to hold on to is the pricing system of the PR agency Miami you choose. Never fall for big budget-big work. The key is always to get the best quality service for the most affordable price.

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