Instagram Business Bios Creation Tips for Beginners

Instagram business bios aren't created on a hunch; a lot of planning goes into it. Here's how you should get started.

When you’re in the eCommerce business, the way you portray your business profile has a massive impact in the long run. Even though it may be a tiny part of your profile but coming up with an impeccable Instagram Business Bio can be a grandiose task.

Moreover, you are restricted to the number of words –150 to put up for your business, so it’s absolutely justifiable to overthink it.

To delineate on the concept of Instagram business bios, we’ve gathered the pieces that go into a unique Instagram Business Bio and how to write one for your brand.

Why Professional Instagram Business Bios Matter So Much?

First and foremost, let’s clear the doubt cloud as to why an Instagram Business Bio matters so much? An Instagram bio plays a crucial role in inaugurating your brand presence in all of its simplicity. It contributes to your identity and what you sell. Gives a reason to people to look into your business and the offers.

An Instagram profile may be the first point of contact most of the time. Whether a user catches up on you through a hashtag or a diversion from a paid ad or post. As they always say, the first impression is the last; your bio is an indispensable part of your profile.

Hence, you should concentrate on forging an Instagram Business Bio that dramatically renders your brand personality and creates an exclusive value proposition.

The Ingredients of Instagram Business Bios

Composing an Instagram profile for business is pivotal in creating a perfect Instagram Business Bio. On the other hand, are the ingredients that go into your Instagram bio are:

  • Profile Photo

Think of it as germane to your brand’s ocular existence. You can introduce a brand logo, a location, and a photo. Nonetheless, which photo you prefer to use should depict a strong presence and be compatible with your business.

For example, broadly recognized brands like National Geographic TV, even an archetypal yellow rectangle, make for a superior profile photo.

Remember, bring images to the table that are closely knit to your profile and help launch a recognizable and authentic brand identity.

Ensuring that your profile photos or in-feed content stay consistent with brand standards is to use a tool like Sprout’s Asse Library, making it easy to store images for all team members across social media networks.

  • Name and Username

Your Instagram username is your @grapple and your identity. It’s strongly linked to your Instagram profile URL and holds an emblematic location at the top of your profile page. Then there is your name; this is your actual or complete brand name.

You might have come across various abridgments and name aberrations used for brand names. Consider using those in your Instagram business bio, like the username.

For example, in the following Instagram business profile image, the username is on the very top @birdsofna, and the business’s full name is “Birds of North America.”

instagram bios creation tips, how to create instagram bios fast

  • The Bio Section of Instagram

This is the part where you get the opportunity to clear-cut define yourself or your brand identity.

You are given 150 characters to turn peoples’ heads towards your profile, your brand, and why they should pursue you. Restricted by characters, makes it even more momentous to craft an outstanding Instagram Business Bio.

  • The Website

This is the only place on Instagram where you are permitted to insert a clickable link, so ensure that you use this space sensibly.

You have the freedom to your homepage, can update this link regularly, insert fresh content, and introduce new projects frequently.

To maximize the single link limit, many businesses avail a service, such as Linktree, to boost productivity by flying the user to a landing page with shortcuts to advertised content and product pages.

  • Call-to-action and Contact Buttons

You can extend the free space in your Instagram business bio by making efficient use of the call-to-action (CTAs) buttons accessible for business accounts.

This enables people to hover over from your business profile to your main website, making it easier for customers to convert, leading to business growth.

instagram bios creation tips, how to create instagram bios fast

Then, on the other hand, is the contact butting, catering to potential customers with the information they require to connect with your business. Be smart here by using email and call buttons to highlight your business and free up precious space.

  • Category

Instagram enables you to cite the category under which your business falls –whether you run a café, a company, or an entertainment house. If you enable it, it displays right under your business name, hence freeing up space in the bio section for other influential details.

Tips For Creating Perfect Instagram Business Bios

Now that you are oriented to the ingredients that go into an Instagram bio, let’s dive deep by looking at tips and examples on how to write an Instagram Business bio.

1. Figure out what the goal is

Since you have to limit yourself within the 150-character curb, it’s imperative to have a clear sense of direction when scribbling down an Instagram business bio. Figuring out what you want from the bio will help you write down a detailed description.

For example, you can use it to make your brand charismatic and disclose your Instagram presence. You can also advocate for people about your business and advertise the latest products and offers.

If you are publicizing your products, make sure your team regularly refreshes your Instagram bio and all the current information.

Take a look at this Instagram business profile from Black Elephant Coffee. The company’s bio gives a precise insight into the business and the brand values.

 2. Make your brand personality shine through the roof

Make efficient use of your Instagram Business Bio to highlight your brand individuality. This incorporates the tone and the language you prefer to use.

instagram bios creation tips, how to create instagram bios fast

For example, Reese’s sticks to fun and pleasant timbre in its bio and utilizes the opportunity to define its brand influence.

A few businesses may prefer adding suitable emojis to suit the brand singularity. But keep in mind that when it comes to screen readers. So keep best accessibility practices in mind for your followers and customers. Moreover, avoid showering your bio with emojis and characters that are harder to comprehend.

3. Include appropriate profile links and hashtags

One of the features of Instagram is the option to add clickable hashtags and profile links in the bio. So, exhaust all possibilities of directing customers to your Instagram handles or pertinent tagged content.

The prerogative to enumerate profile links is suitable for businesses that manage multiple accounts. Look how Madewell added a link to their Instagram account for menswear.

Then we have hashtags; including them in your bio diverts the audience to devastating tagged user-generated content. You can also use a branded hashtag to muster user-generated content, like Canva.

On the other hand, you could employ branded hashtags to boost a specific campaign or an upcoming release. Observe how OnePlus uses the hashtag #onePlus8T to popularize the launch event.

 4. Make sure it’s readable

As revealed before, an Instagram business bio should be able to project the image of the business and what it offers. Necessary formatting like line breaks and spacing makes it easier to interpret and accentuate important information at a glance.

instagram bios creation tips, how to create instagram bios fast

The bottom line is that people should able to read and process the data without feeling lost.

You can also adopt line breaks to your style. Refer to the below example where the company uses line breaks and lists in the bio and uses emojis for bullet points.

Remember that these line breaks and characters will contribute to the overall character count. So, use them sporadically and tactfully to abstain from going over the limit.

If you’re interested in measuring the overall effectiveness of various formatting techniques, then refer to Sprout Social Instagram Analytics.

5. Incorporate a fascinating Call-to-Action strategy

CTAs (call-to-action) free up a lot of space in your Instagram business bio; getting a few more directs with your CTA won’t hurt. Ensure people know what they have to do to visit your profile by adding a CTA in your bio.

Try to be clear-cut with this, relying on the goal of your Instagram business account. For instance, if your main goal is to grow your Instagram following, you can use a CTA “follow us” for regular content updates.

You can invite users to pay a generous visit to your main website by shopping, or subscriptions, or check latest blog posts, download an eBook, or share their own photos using your branded hashtag.

Look at how strategically Ahrefs uses their bio to create a CTA that literally points to their latest attribute release.

If you want more, refer to this post, where you get 9 ideas to bring more life to your Instagram account.

Ready To Launch Your Dazzling Instagram Bio?

You have the option to make an impactful difference in boosting your social presence via your Instagram account. It’s the ideal place to display your brand originality and brag about your creative side. It certainly helps in showing off your oneness and entertaining your audience.

The tips you have been uncovered are all the things that make a brand’s social presence stand out from the rest.

If you’re still not sure about where to go on about creating your Instagram business bios, we can enable you to attract more followers to your content and business right from the link in your bio. Help is only at an arm’s length away.

Get in touch with us today.

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