How To Make Kick-ass Instagram Stories In 2022?

We have highlighted some of the best ways to create bodacious jaw dropping Instagram stories without you breaking a sweat over it.

What are you even doing on Instagram if you are not busy perusing Instagram Stories?

A feature that gives you the B.T.S goods to all your favorite content creators, celebrities, and businesses, Instagram Stories is one of the most coveted perk on the platform.

With over 500 Million people using the Instagram Stories feature, we see Instagram accomplishing its intent in captivating the audience and driving amazing business results through spick ‘n span content ideas.

Content marketers have acknowledged Instagram Stories as a staple feature of their advertising efforts- but it’s not just a business-oriented thing. Stories are what it stands for stories!

Within a few seconds, audiences get to see where you are, what you’re doing, and enjoy the experience you’re having through a video or a photo.

For these reasons and more, about 86.6% of Instagram users post Stories onto their pages, giving us all the backstage insight into their lives and work.

So now that you’ve got a gist of what Instagram Stories are all about, let’s really dive into the technicality of this feature and how to make them like a pro!

What Is Instagram Stories?

Introduced in August 2016, Instagram Stories is a feature by the app that allows users to share few-seconded (15, to be exact and maximum) and photos onto their profiles- but they vanish after 24 hours!

70% of Instagram users watch Stories daily, so there has to be something appealing about the feature, right?

For starters, Instagram Stories disappearing after 24 hours more or less encapsulate the day’s end.

Whatever went on during the day in the life and process of your favorite Instagram users is done and dusted – you managed to get a glimpse and become part of their journey and now can look forward to what’s going to happen tomorrow!

“That sounds like reality TV.”

It kind of is, isn’t it?

With users anticipating a few seconds and immediately watching whatever Instagram Stories are posted by their beloved accounts, the results on user engagement are massive – and that is why for Instagram engagement, Carousels aren’t talked about as much compared to Reels or Stories!

If we’re going to talk about the success of Instagram Stories, then it managed to gauge more usage than Snapchat itself- the app that engineered the concept of stories on social media!

With the induction of the feature, Instagram Stories now counts 400 million daily users to Snapchat’s 191 million!

“What do Instagram Stories have that Snapchat doesn’t?”

To be fair, it all came down to what’s better equipped.

While the functionality of Instagram Stories remains similar to Snapchat’s, where you tap through to view stories, the features Instagram Stories provides to customize your stories edge is far more favorable than Snapchat.

  • You can hide your Stories from specific people on Instagram
  • Business-wise, Instagram Stories cater to larger audiences and users beyond your following
  • Instagram Stories lets you add background music! (Pretty big deal)
  • A plethora of filters exist on Instagram Stories that provide great creative control
  • If you feel like, you can convert your Instagram Stories to Feed posts

The verdict that can be driven from this comparison is simple- Instagram Stories is the BTS feed that is meant for larger audiences whilst Snapchat is a more intimate platform to share your daily experiences.

So, as a business that’s meant to grow, or as a user looking for engagement – you know your pick!

PS: Yes, that’s an “is” in the header – in case you were wondering whether to use “is”, or “are” in ‘What Is Instagram Stories?’

What's The Big Deal About Instagram Stories' Success?

Still don’t believe the hype? Let’s crunch some numbers and we’ll tell you why Instagram Stories are such a big deal!

1. Instagram Stories are used by 36% of businesses to promote their products

Boasting over 1 billion users, it is easy for content to get lost amongst all that is posted on Instagram. With Instagram Stories, users, businesses, and individuals alike get to constantly update their advertising efforts, even if Feed posts go unnoticed.

When users tap to view Stories, audiences are reminded and advertised about your product or service- and they get to see the journey of the processes!

2. 60% of Millennials either post or watch Instagram stories

More than half of the global Instagram population worldwide is aged 34 years or younger, which means that a great percentage of Instagram users are inclined towards using Instagram Stories than other similar features across social media apps.

When the preference is clear, it only makes sense to move forward with Instagram Stories if you’re trying to get the best stats out of a wide audience!

3. In branded stories, between 15% and 25% of people swipe the links

Businesses, rejoice! Instagram Stories, which were created with the purpose of boosting engagement, is an amazing way to drive audiences to your product.

Through branded Stories and link shares, around 25% of people respond to products and otherwise- so you might as well take benefit of the conversions also!

Big deal, yet?

In a competitive atmosphere like social media, businesses need to be using all the features available to them to drive the best business result- and Instagram Stories is key!

The Science Behind Instagram Stories

You get the hype, and you’re on board.

But for new users, getting the hang of Instagram Stories and all its amazing features may take a bit to grasp. When you’ve got so many features packed into one, it’s better to know how each one works to get you to create your desired Story!

1. To access Instagram Stories, swipe left from your homepage to open the Instagram Camera.

2. Once there, you can choose to record or take a photograph as the base of your Story. You can also choose pre-recorded content from your phone and upload that to Stories as well.

3. If you’re going to create something new, you’ve got a handful of options in the Instagram Camera app to help you start:

  • TEXT: You type onto a solid color or a photograph. This feature is meant for announcements, information distribution, and anything text-based, in all fairness.
  • BOOMERANG:  A few-seconded video loop that plays forwards and backward- Fun for adding a little motion to your Stories!
  • LAYOUT: A collage maker that lets you layout your photos in sets.
  • PHOTOBOOTH: Takes 4 continuous shots that are then stitched together to create one story- similar to how normal photo booths work!
  • SUPERZOOM: A video zoom feature that adds a dramatic edge to your videos- Pretty fun if paired with entertaining audios!
  • MULTI-CAPTURE: A story feature with photos taken in succession stitched together.
  • LEVEL: A tool that displays a leveling grid on the screen to help users take balanced photographs- great for landscapes and orientation in general!

With these in-camera features, record away so you can jump onto more features after you have your content ready!

4. Stickers. Filters. Text. GIFs. Music. Quizzes. YOU NAME IT! To make your story as engaging and fun as possible, Instagram gives you plenty of options to customize your Stories as you won’t- get crazy with creativity!

You can even tag locations, other accounts, and hashtags within the Stories.

Once you’re done, you can add the Story to your account, a circle of Close Friends, or send it as a message to a follower!

Pretty neat, right?

Now let’s make one like a pro!

5 Simple Steps To Making Instagram Stories Like a Pro

We can’t exactly tell you HOW to make your story, since you know what your content is all about, and how you want to show it.

What we can tell you, instead, are pro tips that Instagram Stories users NEED to know to be pro at making them.

Let’s dive in!

1. Keep it Short & TO THE POINT

Unless you’re followed to talk aimlessly, Instagram Stories should be made short and to the point!

On average, brands lose about 20% of their audience before the second frame, so make sure you’re starting out with something captivating and relevant to your business or product!

2. Pay Attention To Your Audio

70% of the Instagram Stories are watched with the sound on, so whatever noise accompanies your Story is just as important as the visual content.

With the liberty of pairing audio onto Instagram Stories, you have plenty of choices to oomph your Instagram Stories so audiences get a good experience!

3. Focus On Your Product

Sure, you might be an interesting individual but make sure your product is the star of the Instagram Stories! One in three daily Instagrammers said they had become more interested in a product they had seen on Stories.

That means you can film BTS of its production, record tutorials on its usage, show people its packaging process- absolutely anything product-related!

4. Time Your Instagram Stories

Instagram has its best times for posting- and Stories are part of that commitment.

Don’t be abstract in posting your Stories along the day- Some of the best times to share content are estimated to be 4-6 AM 8-10 AM, 12-2 PM, and 8-10 PM (Eastern Time).

Don’t let it limit you entirely, however. Your followers may just be like you- up at 4 AM guilty of snacking while trying to keep a business running?

5. Review Your Story Analytics

Above all, while paying attention to getting the best Instagram Stories results, make sure to review your Story analytics to see just how much of your audience and otherwise is actually interested in watching your Stories.

This will give you a better idea of what they are interested in watching in your Stories, what their views convert to, and what is something that doesn’t catch their attention.

What's Your Intake On Creating Instagram Stories?

Numbers don’t lie when it comes to data-driven metrics behind jaw-dropping Instagram stories.

Although, it’s not super easy to scale your Instagram success, there are plenty of ways to overcome adversity. Creating awesome Instagram Stories is just one aspect of your online presence. With that being said, we have a lot of awesome upcoming content related to all-things-Instagram.

Don’t forget to bookmark our blog and revisit for future updates.

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