The Ultimate Guide On How To Create Facebook In-Stream Ads

Our guide on how to create in-stream Facebook ads covers better payout prospects, higher engagement rate and content creation tips.

Back in 2017, Facebook introduced in-stream video ads, which suddenly proved to be a one in a million opportunity for brand advertisers to attract more customers.

As an advertiser, if you haven’t tried video ads on Facebook, YouTube and on any other network, it’s high time you do. That being said, if you are wondering about how to create Facebook in-stream ads for your audience — and that too, without any fluff, this ultimate guide is for you.

We’ll go through different steps to actually creating your very first in-stream Facebook video ad, curating the right type of content for better audience engagement and so much more.

What Is a Facebook In-Stream Video Ad

An in-stream video is an advertisement that plays before, during, or at the end of Facebook videos. When a user starts watching a video, they’ll see a little countdown timer for the ad to start, and another countdown pops up for when the ad will end exactly.

In-stream ads cannot be skipped and they air during videos that are longer than three minutes’ duration.

Before diving deep down into learning how to create Facebook in-stream ads, get a better visual understanding first.

Here’s an image of an ad depicting “about to start” and during “mid-ad.”

how to create Facebook in-stream ads

Why In-Stream Video Ads Are Important?

The in-stream ads are a golden opportunity for marketers to deliver 5-15 second, non-skippable video ads, also known as a commercial break, to viewers already watching videos.

Most of the time, these ads don’t start till the 60-second mark in the video, and by that time, people have already moved into the “lean-back” zone, so they don’t mind watching them.

These ads let advertisers grow their audience and bring in potential customers. Like any other Facebook campaign, a specific audience can be targeted with in-stream ads.

Technical Specification For In-Stream Ads

  • The recommended size is 1280 by 720 pixels for landscape or portrait view
  • Recommended video width should be 600 pixels (portrait) and 1200 pixels (landscape)
  • Video length should be between 5-15 secs; 240 mins maximum
  • No less than 30fps frame rate
  • Maximum file size 4GB
  • Supported file formats are .MP4, .MOV, 3gp. See the complete list here.
  • Aspect ratios supported are 1.91:1 to 1:1
  • There is a 1.91:1 (600 by 315 pixels) aspect ratio for a landscape video
  • For a square video 1:1 (600 by 600 pixels) aspect ratio

Pro Tip: Facebook recommends uploading the highest level of video resolution available.

Video Ads Increases User Engagements

You can create Facebook in-stream ads to boost audience response through all kinds of videos.

Whenever you’re looking for a high social media engagement, introduce videos in your campaigns. With the use of Facebook’s recommended video quality, many businesses get the opportunity to increase the popularity of the video, which in turn pours more followers.

High interest level means you’re getting more conversions & visitors.

8 Easy Steps On How To Create In-Stream Facebook Ads

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how to create Facebook in-stream ads, let’s take it to the next level. Further below in this post, we’ll talk about creating in-stream video ads by using templates from the Facebook video creation kit.

Step 1: Navigate To Facebook Ads Manager & Choose A Campaign Objective

Assuming you’re past the page creation, follow these steps:

  • Open the Ads Manager section.
  • Choose the campaign objective of what you prefer people to do when they see your ad.

For now, we’ll stick to Conversions. After all, this is what we all want.

Time to give your campaign a creative name.

Step 2: Setup Ad Set To Create Facebook In-Stream Ads

In this step:

  • Give your Ad Set a name

If you went with Conversions as the campaign objective, select a conversion event to optimize ad delivery, for example, sales.

Choose your audience type

  • Custom – based on your existing clients
  • Lookalike – based on people similar to your customers

how to create Facebook in-stream ads

Select ads placements. Once here, tick the “In-Stream” option beside the rest.

At the bottom of the “Placements” tab, choose “Show more options” and select the option as highlighted. If you prefer this selection, then by default, only the first 15secs of your ad will be un-skippable.

The rest is. The first 5 seconds are all it takes to grab viewers’ attention.

how to create Facebook in-stream ads

  • Specify a budget and a schedule

Pro Tip: When configuring placements, the best practice is to set up separate ads for each social media platform (Facebook and Instagram). Why? For better optimization and to stand out from the crowd.

Step 3: Setup The Video Ad

Things get exciting now. This is where you’ll be focusing on your ad.

  • Mention the Ad name first.
  • Choose the sources that represent your ad. You can connect both Facebook and Instagram accounts here.

Step 4: Selecting Ad Format

Here you have three options to choose from.

  • Carousel
  • Single Image or Video
  • Collection

Step 5: Select A Template For Your Ad(s)

This is where you’ll create the ad using Facebook’s free video templates.

how to create Facebook in-stream ads

Step 6: Customize Your In-Stream Video Ad Template

After your template preference, you will be able to customize it with several options to make it more appealing, such as images, text overlays, messaging, logos, and effects like stickers, frames, and colors.

For now, we went with the “Feature an image” template. It’s worth mentioning that each template comes with its own number of scenes and background selection options.

Step 7: The Final Preview

Finally, you preview the video in both Horizontal and Square format. If you’re not satisfied, press “Back” to make changes.

Each ad video you create will be automatically added to your ad library so they can be used again anytime you want.

how to create Facebook in-stream ads

Step 8: Add Text And Links

This is where you get to add text for the product you are promoting and insert links to your website. And before taking off with the video, you’ll be able to preview it from a viewer’s perspective.

And that’s it.

It’s super easy to create your ads using Facebook video creation kit. It takes a few minutes of your time and can drive in higher traffic and user engagement.

Now you know how to create in-stream video ads, let’s look at some of the best practices to make your ads successful.

Best Practices for Creating Successful In-Stream Facebook Video Ads

1. Capturing Audience’s Attention

Be an attention grabber through intriguing content!

We said it before and we’ll say it again; the first 5 seconds of your video is all it takes to turn heads. Knowingly, the audience gets irritated quickly. Make sure you get them hooked up to the entire ad video, and how you do that is by,

Telling a story with a well-driven narrative, say something narrative or controversial to get their attention.

Add subtitles for users who watch videos with sound off

Add a Call-to-Action button

2. Be Innovative Enough To Let The Audience Connect

You need to bring a level of creativity to the extent that provokes emotion. Produce an exclusive and unique story that forces your audience to spread the video. For inspiration, we have the story of Dio on how to create in-stream video ads and turn them into a success.

3. Stick to In-Stream Videos

A requirement for in-stream video ads is a 3-minute-long video, so only enable them in videos that meet this requirement. Make sure to circulate a healthy number of videos each month. Somewhere close to 7 to 10 videos a month depending on your reach and creator’s capacity. Consider setting ad placement to autopilot mode, automatic, to maximize earnings.

4. Study Your Audience & Improvise Accordingly

In the tech world, insights and data are the best allies. To outperform your competitors, you need to study your audience, what they like, their preferences, and what time of day they are most active.

Doing so, helps to enhance your revenue.

5. Analyze Your Performance

Analysis is another major step to play a pivotal role in the ‘how to create Facebook in-stream ads’ analogy. To see where you stand against your competitors, you’ll need to look into various KPIs.

For instance, keeping a watchful eye on your ads’ breakdown by placement and device to figure out if you’re getting a good response with the news feed or Audience Network placement.

A user over a mobile network might face challenges when watching videos, like slow loading or quality display over WIFI users. This can be resolved by navigating to the Ads Manager tab and selecting “only show ads to devices over Wi-Fi.”

6. Optimize Videos For Ad Breaks

Facebook’s innovative algorithm automatically looks for the best ads placements by looking for natural breaks in the content. To enhance your video for ad breaks, blend-in natural 1 to 2 second pauses after the 1-minute mark of your video.

7. Using Rights Manager To Collect Earnings For Your Content

Using Rights Manager efficiently can claim earnings for content you own, and someone uses it. Whether you own the entire content (audio and video), you get full or half of the earnings.

8. Avoid Content That Impacts Payout

Full payout is what you should be aiming at. Content that incorporates tragedy promotes violence, adult in nature, drugs, and foul language adversely affects the payout. This is something you cannot ignore.

What’s Your Intake On How To Create Facebook In-Stream Ads?

We have covered different aspects of how to create in-stream Facebook ads in this post.

Before we call it a day, let’s not forget that Facebook has become one of the greatest social media marketing platforms. Since the platform has introduced some nice opportunities for your business growth, a well-prepared approach to in-stream video ads will enable you to reach more audiences and increase brand awareness.

A huge ROI is one factor associated with in-stream video ads. However, that’s just a one-off opinion. The question is: are you in favor of in-stream video ads, whether they’re on Facebook, YouTube or any other website.

While at times, it does become irritating, but there’s a fine line between invasive marketing and a balanced approach. We look forward to hearing from you.

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