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10 Best Food & Beverage PR Firms In 2023

We have shortlisted some of the best food & beverage pr agencies to help online and real life businesses scale. Find out why public relations is essential to growth in the F&B market these days.

While the food and beverage industry was always demanding, COVID -19 has made it more so. The need to spread the message has never been greater than it is currently.

That’s why we have food and beverage PR! Here’s what you need to know.

The food and beverage sector is in a fascinating period, maybe among the most significant periods in our lifetime. Perhaps the most notable shift we’re seeing is how much of what’s going on globally directly impacts food and works as a mirror of what’s going on in the world more widely. Consumers show a strong desire to understand where their food is coming from and how their choices influence the environment through concerns

Similarly, there is a fundamental convergence between food and beverage and wellbeing, and eventually, customers prefer experience over things — therefore, viewing food and beverage through the perspective of experiences. This is where food and beverage PR pulls through.

But how does food and beverage PR work? Is it the same as advertising? Let’s analyze the intricacies.

Difference between PR and Advertisement

Advertising and public relations both assist in establishing businesses and interacting with the intended audience. The most fundamental distinction is that advertising space is purchased, whereas PR results are acquired. While businesses and organizations create advertising potential targeting consumers, public relations specialists hope to appeal to more people.

PR aids in the development of brand recognition and reputation. The objectives and goals of a good PR strategy rely upon the fact that users are more inclined to do business with the company they know and respect. PR practitioners are always focusing on the broader picture, offering valuable information about their business to establish a loyal and sustainable community of “business supporters,” which includes customers and other stakeholders.

The need for Food & Beverage PR Firms

It’s a great moment to be in the food and beverage industry. Creativity is exploding with today’s major food trends such as beneficial compounds, CBD, adaptogens, plant-based, on-the-go, fresh, conservation, and impacting how we eat and drink.

Food and beverage PR is an excellent approach to generate excitement and highlight what sets your item different, with unique, on-trend items presented daily. Referring to the need for food and beverage PR agencies and PR within the industry, Gary Occhiogrosso at Forbes comments, Traditional forms of advertising restrict the amount of content delivered to the consumer in any one message. It’s critical to get more information about your business out to attract customers. It is vital you don’t get lost in the monotony that has become restaurant advertising.’

A tense political context is fueling food and beverage companies’ desire to advertise increased cause-related or environmental strategies.It also lends itself well to the narrative, as buyers want things that represent shared ideals. It is no longer enough for brands to be biodegradable or to contribute samples to food banks. A defined effort, viewpoint, and quantifiable outcome are required for a breakthrough. Programs that promote regenerative agriculture, gender empowerment, and body positivity contribute to developing a more complete brand story.

Food and beverages PR agencies specialize in obtaining deserved print and online media attention. Various internet marketing strategies, like influencers and prominent hospitality critics, are also used to excite the attention of new and returning customers. This third-party certification distinguishes you from plain self-serving marketing.

How do Food & Beverage PR Firms function?

We’ve covered surface-level benefits food, and beverage PR firms can have on companies. But. To truly understand and decide to hire these PR firms, we also need to know how they function.

Food and beverage PR firms approach your business by:

Being experiential

Allowing individuals to taste food and beverages is the best method to develop their interests. Does it have a sweet scent? Is it Instagram-worthy? Is it enticing? Pop-up stores, events, and immersive vacations where people may taste food and beverages are not novel concepts, but they have lasting value, particularly in such a congested industry.

Forming partnerships.

Partnering with like-minded companies or renowned trendsetters may be a terrific strategy to increase brand exposure.

Generating content.

Content, such as recipes, influencer recommendations, photographs, videos, and so on, is still a critical approach to raising brand recognition.

Creating Sustainability Messaging.

This year’s primary overall theme is an increased emphasis on a real sustainability message. Industries have been shifting toward more sustainable growth, but this is easier for food companies in particular than it sounds.

As a result, businesses must develop methods to honestly state what they’re doing while maintaining a PR grip. We see that long-term strategic collaborations are critical to reinforcing that narrative and creating brand resonance.

Partnerships with sustainable products enable food firms to express values, provide news angles, establish confidence in a business, and increase brand awareness.

Targeting the Right Audience.

When working with food companies, it is vital to support a public relations program that focuses on national, industrial, and local media. This enables the business to be placed in front of consumers at the appropriate time – immediately before they purchase, and continue to remain top of mind.

Perhaps more crucially, this PR campaign shows important retail customers and clients that the company is engaged in the connection – a vital competitive differentiation — and driving footprints into the stores.

Reliability, originality, and innovation are critical to the survival and future prosperity of the food and beverage industry. Utilizing public relations methods to maintain your brand’s name in the media will distinguish you from the continuous, dull drum of traditional marketing. It should go without saying that there are several methods to use PR and social networks to develop trust and acquire loyal clients.

How to get started with PR work?

If you want people to start thinking about you before you invest in food and beverage PR agencies, here’s how you can begin.

Developing Media Relationships

Establishing media ties is the first step in garnering coverage in periodicals and on TV programs. Not just any connections, but restaurant-specific journalists and media professionals.

Developing mutually beneficial relationships with the appropriate individuals might help you gain greater visibility. Provide them complimentary and necessary material regularly, and don’t only send them news releases.

Make Yourself Newsworthy

You won’t receive any publicity until you have anything interesting to say. It may be a star appearance, a one-of-a-kind campaign, a one-of-a-kind event, or anything else that makes good news. You can’t expect reporters to speak about you unless what you’re telling them isn’t noteworthy.

Understand Who You Are

You must understand what makes your business significant – what makes it unusual, distinctive, innovative, or significant.

When your messaging, identity, and advertising resources are in line, others can better comprehend who you are or what you offer.

Top 10 Food & Beverage PR Agencies In 2023

Now that you’ve given much thought to engaging with food and beverage PR agencies, you wonder which ones to approach.

Luckily, we’ve listed the Top 10 for you!

1. Top Agency

Top Agency specializes in different verticals of public relations services and digital marketing. As one of the best Food & Beverage PR Agencies, the online company reportedly capitalizes on market trends by creating great unique content to boost your own development.

TOP Food and Beverage PR Agency has represented clients in the food and beverage market ranging from fast-casual to fine dining, burgers, and fries to vegetarian cuisine, using their established methodology and data-driven tactics. They know how to approach your target audience.

According to them, ‘With a dedicated team of public relations professionals, strategists, and data analysts specializing in all things food, we can create and syndicate the perfect message to reach your audience.’

2. Edelman

Edelman is a worldwide communications agency that works with companies and organizations to help them evolve, promote, and defend their brands and identities. Their 6,000 employees in more than 60 offices provide communications strategies that enable their customers to confidently lead and act, winning the confidence of their partners.

Their honors include

Cannes Lions Grand Prix awards for PR (2016) and the Entertainment Lions for Sport (2021); Cannes Lions Independent Agency of the Year for the Entertainment Track (2021); Advertising Age’s 2019 A-List; the Holmes Report’s 2018 Global Digital Agency of the Year; and, five times, Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work.

3. Hunter PR

HUNTER is an award-winning consumer marketing and communications agency designated as a “Best Place to Work,” with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, and worldwide collaborations.

Starting with research-driven findings, HUNTER implements strategic, integrated programs for consumer goods and services that develop brand equity, boost engagement and generate demonstrable business outcomes.

4. Zeno Group

Zeno Group is an independent-minded, multinational, integrated communications firm founded on public relations.

They pull together the most daring and brilliant minds to assist customers throughout industries and sectors in harnessing the potential of strategic communications. Zeno has also formally received recognition from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

5. Padilla

Padilla is a privately held, internationally staffed public relations and communication firm with locations around the United States. Using public relations, marketing, digital and social advertising, investment management, and brand planning, the agency assists clients in transforming by establishing, expanding, and safeguarding their identities and reputations globally.

Padilla’s clients encompass SHIFT’s behavioral communication specialists, FoodMinds’ food and nutrition professionals, Joe Smith’s branding planners, and SMS Research Advisors’ research authority.

6. APCO Worldwide

APCO Worldwide is an advising and advocacy communications firm that assists top government and non – governmental organizations in acting with mobility and building organizational identities, brands, partnerships, and solutions.

APCO is an independent, majority-women-owned company. Using their curiosity, insight, and broad knowledge, they assist clients in anticipating, planning, executing, and ensuring impact. Most essential, most consumers regard them as a reliable partner.

7. MikeWorldWide

MikeWorldWide is one of the global leading, comprehensive public relations firms, fueled by analytics and staffed by the sector’s most inventive players, strategic intellectuals, hybrid creators, and techs.

They are a networked, multi-faceted talent pool dedicated to making each customer worth more by executing a people-first, client-centric commitment that relies on a digitized, content-driven strategy to optimize rewarded outcomes and commercial impact.

8. Ruder Finn Inc.

Ruder Finn is among the leading independent worldwide communications and creative firms in the market. Ruder Finn has established and improved public relations for more than 70 years, developing communications that help propel industry-defining brands, corporations, and individuals from now to where they are going.

9. Taylor Co.

Everything Taylor creates is meant to motivate, instigate, and form dialogue for the advantage of their client partners, their customers, and stakeholders, whether it’s developing strategy, creating strong brand stories, tailoring insight-driven inventive, or generating the content, or engaging the media.

10. Jackson Spalding

Its aim is to be the most recognized and renowned agency in its business, established on the notion that there was a greater way of serving its clients, workers, and communities. They are entirely autonomous and collaborate with top brands, amazing organizations, and individuals that excite them every day from coast to coast.


With the emergence of the internet, PR provides a greater possibility than ever before. Anyone may become a writer in the digital era.

That obviously has drawbacks, but the benefit is that you can access many materials.

If a food and beverage business wants to harness PR, it must first get its identity, resources, and advertising messages in line.

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