10 Facebook Ad Metrics For Marketers To Keep Tabs On

Facebook ad metrics lend insight on powerful data-points that are essential to any online business growth. Here are 10 metrics to get you started.

So, you have launched multiple ads campaign on Facebook, but not sure how well they are performing. It’s probably due to a lack and control over your Facebook ad metrics. Don’t worry – it happens to the best of us!

According to Facebook Ads Manager, there are around 350+ various metrics, and it can get super confusing when you’re running numerous ads campaigns at once. What can be done is to understand the ad campaign’s goal and only select the Facebook ad metrics based on that. The more you check each ad campaign, the more you will learn from its performance.

First off, let’s clear the clutter surrounding “ad metric.” It uses data to indicate the impact of social media activity on a company’s revenue. Advertisers use social media software to observe activity on social platforms and gather information about how a brand, product, or company-related topic is being perceived.

Even if you’re experimenting with new strategies, you need to know specific Facebook Ad metrics that will push you towards success.

You might be asking yourself, “Which ad metrics do I need to keep an eye on?”. Worry not, adventurer; the more you read our guide, the more you will transcend.

Why Facebook Ad Metrics Are So Important?

As an advertiser/marketer, your reliance on Facebook ads to gather an audience, attract customers, and drive traffic to your site, weighs heavy on the scale.

When managing your ad campaigns, you should know which metrics to track.

Without such valuable information, you’ll never be able to see how your ads are performing.

Where Are Facebook Ad Metrics Located?

You may be scratching your head and asking, “Where can I find these metrics?”. As soon the ad goes live, the metrics become available the Facebook ads manager tab in your account.

What’s The Easiest Way of Tracking Facebook Ad Metrics?

First, off you need to create a campaign from the Ads Manager menu. Once accomplished, you then need to set an objective for this campaign. For now, let’s consider Brand Awareness.

Once the ad goes live, the metrics can be tracked from the Facebook Analytics Dashboard. You’ll notice that each ad has different metrics. You can see where you currently stand in performance and what decisions to make.

10 Facebook Ad Metrics To Monitor For Effective Business Growth

1. Ad Impressions

If you have been in touch with the tech world, you might have guessed what this metric does. Nonetheless, the Ad Impressions metric “shows the number of times an ad has been viewed.”

Jessica Johnson from Beyond Blue Digital Marketing Agency adds, “Each impression counts towards a view by an online user.”

The question arises, why do impressions matter? In layman’s terms, “impressions (views) may not always return conversions, but they carry significant firepower. Sometimes all it takes is one powerful impression with an innovative design and a strong call to action (CTA), or it can take a high number of impressions to successfully yield a conversion”.

Sarah Franklin of Blue Tree A.I. has explained the significance of monitoring this metric.

She implies that it takes seven views for an average user before taking the next step. With so much content available on the social media platform, getting your ad viewed the most by multiple users can be a bit knotty. As an advertiser, if you manage to keep impressions high, you are most likely to yield more conversions.

Oliver Andrews from OA Design Services highlights that tracking ad impressions is specifically essential for those running a brand recognition campaign, as it reveals the exposure level of your brand.

2. Relevance Score

This one is another credible Facebook ad metric to watch out for. Brandon Amoroso of electrIQ marketing recently stated that a relevance score is a rating from 1 to 10, which estimates how well the target audience responds to the ad.

A high score means the ad is reaching the maximum target audience. Therefore, it is essential to keep track of this metric –Do we have to emphasize it more.

Brandon Loures of Brandlift Digital Marketing states, “score is essential, as it tells how the ad being is received by target audience…if out the gates, a low relevance score, Facebook will charge a premium to serve that ad, leading to higher CPMs, CPCs, and higher costs per conversion”.

3. Geographical Location

Coming from Chris Gadek of AdQuick, highlights the importance of this metric. Chris indicates that geographic location is of high value, especially when running multiple marketing strategies in those areas.

Admittedly, some campaigns will be better in some regions than others, so to be successful and gain germane information, keep a watchful eye on this metric.

4. Audience Demographic

A Facebook Ads expert, Cristina Maria from Commusoft, focuses more on the audience’s quality to attract whenever doing Facebook Ads and less on the steep number.

To better understand the audience quality, she adds, “We carefully keep tabs on the audience demographics and try adjusting the targeting as close as possible.”

Hence, the importance of this metric makes it an important segment of the online market. The traffic to a website wouldn’t be of value if it wasn’t qualified.

5. Cost Per Result

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Moving on down the list, the next one to watch is the Cost Per Result metric. This is the total amount spent divided by the number of results, which concludes a come-to-Jesus moment where you know if the campaign performed well or not, suggested by Jessica Johnson of Beyond Big Blue Digital Marketing agency.

Indeed, making this Facebook Ad metric an essential to keep track of. She emphasizes the importance of Facebook, if it is the right platform for your clients and if it performs well in backing their objective and budget.

Then we have Rob Madelain of RankSoilder. He states, “this metric displays how cost-efficiently you have attained your goal set in a specific ad campaign.” Your objective should be to keep the Cost Per Result low. The lower, the better.

6. Video Views and Video percentage Watched

As you move down the road of e-commerce, some of you’ll come across the idea of video campaigns; for those, this is an essential metric as it shows how engaged the audience is.

In the spotlight, we have Daniella Pozzolungo of PupDigital. She proposes remarketing the most engaging videos with targeted ads to reach high conversions.

Howbeit, video views alone are not sufficient. Bannersnack’s Bernadett Dioszegi advises one must track the video percentage watched to assess how interested the user was. We have 25%, 50%, 75%, 95%, and 100%. This percentage depicts how interested the audience was at a certain percentage. A higher percentage means how catchy the video is to potential clients.

7. Engagement

Call it whatever type of engagement you prefer, but it all boils down to how your audience receives your ad.

Think of it as the nuts and bolts of your beloved vehicle. The importance is cogent here. If people aren’t engaging with your post, you are not capturing their interest.

Marketing specialist Andrew Ruditser adds, “if more people engage with your post, they will share and increase your impressions.”

PureVpn’s Yasir Shamim suggests that if people are not engaging with your content, something is probably wrong with your campaigns. You should amend your offer or recheck target settings.

8. Result Rate

This Facebook Ad metric is like a fermented beverage since its importance is of high essence. It takes two things into consideration.

  • The number of people who viewed your ad
  • The number of people who clicked your ad

If the result rate is high, the ad is performing off the hook. And if not, it means it’s time to up your game with fresh content.

9. Click-Through Rate

Once again, we have Oliver Andrews from OA Design Services. He notes that this is the ratio between the number of times a person clicked on your ad and the number of times your ad was seen on Facebook.

If you’re getting a low CTR from your ad campaign, you need to adjust the content to appeal to your audience enough to click.

10. Conversion Rate

Lastly, we’ll go quickly through this Facebook Ad metric. Mike Charles of Unified by Pest Control explains, “Conversion rate determines the percent of people that click on an ad and make a purchase.”.

Hugo Guerreiro of BlogBizAudit considers this metric the most critical since it tells whether the ad viewer will become your next customer.

What's Your Intake On Facebook Ads?

Feeling excited to start experiment with accurate data-drive metrics?

Hopefully, you must’ve gotten a better understanding of which metrics to keep track of. But before you choose the ones to optimize your campaigns, determine the purpose of your ads strategy and other relevant stuff.

In case you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section below. Alternatively, you can also write to us through the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Good luck!

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