Supercharge Your Growth With The Right Digital Brand Strategy

A digital brand strategy is essential to scaling your brand and business in 2022. Here's what you need to know to get stated.

Let’s kick one misconception out of the way, immediately. Being in the digital world and only conforming to the ‘must dos’ of marketing your products and brand DOES NOT QUALIFY as a digital brand strategy.

It’s called strategy for a reason- you’ve put thought into making sure your brand explodes without doing what everyone else is doing.

Your marketing methods and use of tools and tricks on platforms set your brand apart for a reason, and accelerate your digital growth!

“Duh, I post Stories on Instagram every day. I know how digital brand growth works!”

But do you? Sure, Instagram stories are used by 500 million users every day and 70% of Instagram users watch stories daily, but that’s not exactly an intricate strategy.

“Okay. But I also just started a TikTok account where I’m posting my brand through trendy video!”

Great job! TikTok has considerably more engagement than YouTube and Instagram, so kudos for recognizing it as a powerful tool to market your digital brand across the internet.

However, the app now has 1 Billion Monthly Active users, so you’re probably not the only one with this bright idea.

As a marketer, this isn’t meant to discourage the approaches you’ve taken with your brand because a digital brand strategy goes beyond doing the obvious and necessary.

If you’re itching to find a strategy that works for your brand, and one that blasts your growth to exponential numbers, you’ll need to put on some training wheels for this bike ride since the road is a little complex.

Let’s look into it!

What Is A Digital Brand Strategy?

A digital brand strategy, by definition, is the approach taken towards your brand to establish its unique identity through technical, creative, and financial planning to ultimately reach and cater to your audiences and beyond.

A little vague?

Here’s more.

Some methods by which you establish your digital brand strategy where financial, creative, and technical expertise and planning are incorporated include:

• Allocating necessary advertising budgets towards your brand for promotions

• Developing brand identity through compelling and trendy content- videos, graphics, blogs, etc.

• Dissecting marketing metrics and identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and capitalizing on their success rates

For Faris Yakob, an award-winning strategist and creative director, Digital Brand Strategy are:

“Like all strategy, about making decisions with finite knowledge, as best informed as you can be, while making guesses about all the other players in the market, and how culture is changing as well.”

This strategy, in its proper execution, sets your brand apart from your competitors and acquires a significant position in the market, as well as amongst your audiences. This right here is the ‘brand’-oriented part of the strategy.

“Right. So how does the growth happen?”

The essence of digital brand strategy is Digital Marketing! And since it is digital marketing, the growth happens through numbers- all kinds of numbers like:

• Web traffic

• Conversions

• Sales

So, that right there is your ‘digital’-oriented focus of the strategy. And like any two good things coming together, these focuses combine to give you an efficient and distinct Digital Brand Strategy.

“It’s not that simple, is it?”

You got that right!

Otherwise, everyone would be winning and growing ALL THE TIME! That doesn’t happen because digital brand strategy is far more in-depth.

Digital brand strategy, focusing on the brand and digital marketing aspects surrounding your product, also must:

1. Inspect consumer behaviors

2. Analyze their digital habits with your brand (engagement, purchases, etc.)

3. Match it to digital tools and techniques that solidify these habits for maximum growth and outreach

Once your digital brand strategy can check off this list, you’re ready to pull those training wheels off and become the brand you want your consumers to see you as!

“Great. What else is there?”

Well. Quite a bit.

Fundamentals of Digital Brand Strategy

89% of marketers ranked improving the ability to measure and analyze marketing impact as a top priority.

However, digital brand strategy isn’t just monitoring your digital trends and adjusting your marketing and branding policies around them.

A good digital brand strategy needs to be concerned with who and what and where and when and why – a complete system approach. Business, brand, behavior, technology, content, channel, social, and so on.

Let’s dissect!

1. Objectives

You are trying to achieve certain objectives and digital brand strategy, in its entirety, is built around them. Your objectives can be things like:

  • Reaching a certain sales mark
  • Adapting to a new brand outlook or model
  • Accumulating more product feedback

Ultimately, regardless of whatever objective you may have, the digital brand strategy is built and functions around it. To construct the best possible strategy, make sure your goals are:

  • Particular
  • Pertinent
  • Conceivable
  • Calculable

When it comes to identifying objectives in digital marketing, you can start with the following categories:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Brand Identity
  • Consumer Engagement

These core categories focus on the ‘growth’ aspect of your brand, digitally and otherwise. Setting objectives around your customers and the brand’s relationship with them solidifies a growth potential that goes beyond on-screen communication and makes your brand more humanoid.

2. The Brand Itself Is a Big Deal

“It’s a skincare brand, duh!”

It’s not that simple. Your digital brand strategy simply can’t function around this fact- it needs clarity. As do you.

Knowing the essence of your brand, the story, the audiences it’s targeting, the way it should be perceived- all are part of the brand. You can’t just dump into a category or sub-category for a marketing strategy to work.

An intricate and well-examined brand is one that knows its:

  • Purpose and Usage
  • Marketing Style and Identity
  • Consumers
  • Competitors
  • The factor that sets it apart!

You can build better digital brand strategies by matching your objectives to your brand’s knowledge.


So, if the objective is to create brand identity, you need to capitalize on what is setting your brand apart from everyone else, and market that purposefully.

Similarly, if you want consumer engagement to grow, you can focus your content on educating your audience on the purpose and usage of your product or brand, invite customer experiences, start a forum – or simply use tools like influencer marketing to expand your brand’s outreach!

3. The Contributors

A digital brand strategy can’t stand on its own- there are always contributors- or contributing factors. Although this isn’t meant to take away you being a jack of all trades, sustaining your brand involves expertise and insight coming in from a number of sources, within the brand and out.

Contributors aiding you to execute an incredible brand strategy include:

  • Market experts (Finance, Tech, Customer Relations)
  • Finances (Brand assets, marketing budgets)
  • Technology

Your brand can only grow digitally if it is also growing within itself. Supercharging your growth comes with educating yourself and your peers about business models, legality, marketing trends and so.

A brand that regularly keeps a check on its functionality can further assist a digital brand strategy into functioning at its best potential.

4. The Consumers

We have spoken of consumers and their value with regards to digital marketing as well as the brand itself. However, it doesn’t seem to be enough. In a digital brand strategy, the audience is the receiver of the approach being taken, and thus, a crucial element in the whole game.

Knowing your customer is key. It shouldn’t be something as vague as:

“My brand caters to younger audiences. “


“This product is for women only.”

Within this classification, you must also define demographics like:

  • Age groups
  • Ethnicities
  • Locations (Country-wise, region-wise, etc.)
  • Incomes

And so on…

Intricate classification of your audiences will help you understand the usage of your brand within their lifestyle, which then can help you plan your digital marketing approaches with more accuracy.

So, if your skincare brand caters to South Asian women from ages 19 to 25, you can per se feature women present within these demographics in your digital content to convey your product better, to the right audiences and experience better sales numbers.

5. The Resources

An effective digital brand strategy has a full grasp on its resources- What is in use and what has been tried and tested before. Resources within a brand can pertain to a few things, such as:

  • Media Content
  • Technology (Creator tools, equipment, software)
  • People (Guests, experts, fact-checkers)

Audit past digital brand strategies that you’ve acquired and take out what proved beneficial and continue with it, whilst picking up on new information.

If a certain type isn’t working, cancel that out. Update designs, comply with social media trends – the goal is to experiment!

All the while, keep a steady check on inventory. Invest in better tech to achieve better results!

Loyal consumers want to see you grow with them- so splurge on software that renders your content better, rent a studio to shoot professionally, collaborate with product experts.

Don’t make the mistake of marketing something that is technically impossible. It is fairly easy to dream big and get carried away when constructing a digital brand strategy, thus examining your resources and their usage is fundamental to crafting the RIGHT strategy for your brand.

From then on, it is growth!

Putting it all Together

The next time a digital campaign stands out in your eyes, make sure you tip the hat to the digital brand strategist who’s assessed the fundamentals in order for the product to get there!

Like all good things, digital brand strategy has its own complex process, but the growth a brilliant strategy ensures is worth all the effort put in. Make sure to monitor and make sure to adjust the strategy along the way.

Most importantly, make sure to grow!

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