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11 Best Cyber Security PR Agencies

Cyber security PR is a complex breed of on time information dissemination and crisis management to uphold a business, or an institute's reputation. We have ranked the best Cyber Security PR Agencies known for their repute and top-notch services.

2021 was one of the most disruptive and chaotic eras on record.

Labor shifted rapidly to virtual and hybrid offices during the last two years. According to the data, hackers welcomed the move and exploited corporate weaknesses and security shortcomings.

Hackers have been incredibly inventive in identifying new ways to infiltrate business networks, from the SolarWinds assault to the Apache Log4j issue. New varieties of ransomware, supply-chain hacks, and banking Trojans headlined global news.

An external attacker may penetrate a firm’s firewall and obtain access to local network resources in 93% of the cases.

This is one of the conclusions of a recent Positive Technologies project research performed among financial institutions, fuel, and energy organizations, government bodies, industrial firms, IT corporations, and other industries.

So, how does PR benefit the cause of cyber security? Let’s pull apart both terminologies to understand how cyber security PR has garnered a significance, given the current digital circumstances.

What Is Public Relations?​

Although there are numerous ornate explanations of public relations, it is self-explanatory. For clarification, public relations is easy to define, not to practice. Scholars in public relations typically divide them into various stakeholders, with internal stakeholders being your directors and employees and external stakeholders representing your consumers and community.

Public relations is all about your image for your external stakeholders.

To illustrate, how present and prospective consumers perceive your firm will influence your capacity to retain and attract new customers. And the power of public relations may affect how present and future consumers see your organization.

What Is Cyber Security & Cyber Security PR?​

The technique of safeguarding computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networking, and information from hostile intrusions is known as cyber security. It is often referred to as information technology security or electronic data security. The word is used in various situations, ranging from corporate to mobile computing, and may be classified into a few general categories.

The International Data Corporation projects that global expenditure on cyber-security systems will surpass a whopping $133.7 billion by 2022, as the scope of the cyber threat continues to grow. Governments worldwide have issued recommendations to assist firms in developing strong cyber-security policies in response to the expanding cyber threat.

Whereas, we we talk about Cyber Security PR it is the utilization of online media, known as Cyber Public Relations (CPR), for information dissemination using online media by government institutions, private businesses, general platforms etc. as an agenda to build the positive image of the institution in the public eyes.

Now let’s proceed to understand why putting the two together and establishing the concept of cyber security PR was so crucial in the first place.

Why Do You Need A Cyber Security PR Agency Services?​

According to the most recent PR statistics, the spike aided in part by Log4j helped push hack efforts to an all-time high in Q4 2021. Threat actors mainly targeted Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, with Europe experiencing the biggest year-over-year rise in cyber assaults.

  • 2021 saw 50% more cyber attacks per week on corporate networks than 2020.
  • Education and Research was the most targeted sector, with organizations facing an average of 1,605 weekly attacks. The second most targeted sector was Government and Military, facing an average of 1,136 weekly episodes.
  • Over 84% of all cyber attacks were distributed via email in 2021.

This is a significant increase from 2019, when “just” 64 percent of all cyber assaults were delivered by email. As more individuals use mobile phones to access email, anticipate additional hackers to use this attack vector.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 epidemic, cybercrime has increased by 600%, including anything from crime or embezzlement to data theft and damage. Almost every industry has adopted new ideas, forcing businesses to adapt rapidly.

A cyber assault disrupts routine operations and may also inflict damage to critical IT assets and infrastructure that is hard to recover from without the necessary funding or resources.

The long-term consequences of a data breach can range from months to years and involve significant expenses that businesses are unaware of or do not plan for. These expenses include lost data, company interruption, income losses due to system outages, notification fees, and damage to brand reputation.

Cyber security PR for beginners: 2 Steps To Take

Before turning to cyber security PR agencies to take the reins of cyber security for you, enterprises can take these two measures to begin exercising the benefits of PR within cyber security.

1. Spend Money On Strategic Media Relations

You must engage in proactive media relations to build a strong brand for your firm and capitalize on the current media focus on cyber security to establish your position in the sector.

If you haven’t already, start searching the Internet for media outlets that cover these topics and build connections with them by analyzing their material and, ultimately, pitching your organization as a content source.

Cyber security is a big issue right now, and your firm may gain immensely from participating in the discussion.

2. Spend Time Developing A Crisis Management Plan

Create a crisis communication strategy if you don’t already have one to allow your business and consumers to maintain their image in the case of a cyber-attack. Although the media may not be interested in writing about how your fantastic technological solution assisted one of your clients in effectively warding off a cyber-attack, they will be delighted to write about how your technology failed to protect sensitive information from being hacked.

A crisis communication strategy will assist you in responding to the media, clients, and the general public by establishing your reaction in advance of the crisis.

Luckily enough, if these steps seem too much of a task to take by yourself, we’ve rounded up 10 cyber security PR agencies to get the job done for you! Let’s check them out.

Here's Our List of The Best Cyber Security PR Service Companies In 20223

Here’s a rundown of the best worldwide cyber security PR agencies to hire for your business, institute or organization.

1. Top Agency

TOP Agency is a team of public relations professionals who understand the power of both pro-active and reactive PR.

The U.S. based company has many notable clients in the Cyber Security PR services sector – ‘RedMarlin‘, ‘LookOut’, ‘CritialStart’ and ‘CheckPoint‘, are just to name a few. The latter is a leading American- Israeli cyber security solutions platform on the internet.

The core of Top Agency’s success is critically attributed to the digitization of public relations services and a deep-level analysis of clients requirements. In that regard, each company is treated in a different way because of its unique set of challenges and milestones to cater to.

Much like cybersecurity PR itself, cybersecurity content marketing is also part of the operations that help to take on time communication to the next level. Such factors enable leading PR agencies to put their clients in direct line of communication with stakeholders, and public entities that can benefit the most from such businesses’ services.

2. Zintel Public Relations​

According to Zintel PR Co, they are, ‘Voted a Hermes Creative Awards winner & Best Cybersecurity Marketing Agency three years in a row by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, the firm is consistently recognized as a leading security PR firm relied upon by some of the most discerning organizations.’

Zintel Public Relations provides complete B2B tech media relations services customized for each client to get the best outcomes. Zintel PR has delivered hundreds of pieces for its customers, using a vast network of trade and business channels.

Zintel Public Relations, as a data and security PR firm, has represented various B2B technology pioneers, including the most recent cybersecurity, authentication, data protection, anti-piracy, SaaS, and other corporate solutions.

3. Madison Alexander PR, Inc.​

Madison Alexander PR, established in 2004, is a luxury high technology full-service communications business centered in Southern California with specialists in San Diego, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Southern Florida, Arizona, and Boston.

The firm was the first to use the “Virtual Agency” concept, which assembles teams depending on the expertise available to meet a client’s unique needs. The agency takes pleasure in dealing with professionals that are outstanding communicators.

According to them,

‘We’re a technology agency with an emphasis on B2B and B2C technology from the enterprise to the SMB space to end-users in a variety of vertical markets including banking/financial services, healthcare, government, higher education and business organizations.’

Madison Alexander PR provides a detailed context for developing a campaign, such as industry initiatives for technology frameworks and problems advocacy. Everything is according to client requirements, from launching an item, a corporation, or a new enterprise unit that organizes a product review to delivering a great interview.

4. Impact PR

IMPACT assists the worldwide cyber-risk R&D community by organizing and establishing real-world information and data abilities across academia, business, and government.

It is the first openly accessible, legally gathered, a decentralized library of large-scale cybersecurity data and analytics technologies, allowing academics to enhance the state-of-the-art in cyber-risk research and decision assistance.

Clients of the IMPACT portal want the information to be easily accessible, correct, and secure from unauthorized access. The ICC has implemented administrative, operational, and technological measures to secure the IMPACT information and the automated information systems inside the portal.

Controls for giving, altering, and discontinuing access to the IMPACT portal are critical for the portal’s security. The core of these restrictions is password-protected role-based accounts.


ARPR is an award-winning technology public relations firm representing cloud, cybersecurity, FinTech, and HealthIT firms. Their Panorama Approach enables them to deliver quantifiable, data-driven results that help their companies’ reputations and sales pipelines grow.

ARPR claims, ‘We were the first tech firm to integrate demand gen in our services, fueling ARPR to be named 2019 Fastest Growing PR Agency, the Best Place to Work six times, and a HubSpot Gold Certified Partner.

Today, tech marketers worldwide trust us because of our deep-rooted expertise within the industries they compete with, the verticals they sell to, and the technology their products are built on.

Over the years, ARPR has strategized, executed, and measured dozens of potent multi-channel marketing communication initiatives that continue to make our clients shine.’

6. BlueText PR

BlueText PR is a premier digital marketing firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. They assist firms of all sizes to compete and win by providing expert strategy, compelling content, award-winning websites, initiatives, and digital experiences via branding, digital marketing, and public relations.

7. Voxus

At its foundation, Voxus PR is a unit of storytellers that will assist you in uncovering narrative strands you didn’t even realize you had and turning them into the material you don’t have time to write.

According to them,

‘We’ll put you in the context of the major forces and trends shaping your industry. We’ll position your company and its leaders as thoughtful visionaries. We’ll spread the word about the momentum you’ve built with customers and partners.’

8. HighWire PR

HIGHWIRE is a lean, contemporary partner meant to go as rapidly and far as their technology-based customers, with teams in San Francisco, New York City, Boston, and Chicago, a presence in 12 states, and a worldwide network of trusted collaborators.

They are a partner for businesses with a strong vision and convention-defying daring. They are female-founded and independently owned.

9. North 6TH Agency, Inc.​

NORTH 6TH AGENCY, INC is The Outcome Relations agency for emerging, mid-sized, and enterprise brands.

They claim using a suite of communication services and a proprietary process to drive specific business outcomes for clients.

They use a unique KPI system in conjunction with a customer ranking site to guarantee that they are constantly aligned with our customers and that their results deliver the exact business outcomes for which they were recruited.

10. Walker Sands

Walker Sands is an award-winning B2B tech integrated marketing firm that develops and implements complete marketing strategies that provide outcomes.

Their objective is to help B2-B enterprises expand faster. They offer a comprehensive range of marketing experience — from concept to execution — through strategic programs suited to their customers’ needs, providing unlimited possibilities for the world’s top B2B businesses.

11. Cutler PR

Cutler Public Relations Co. is a tech-focused public relations firm that lives and breathes technology and innovation. They thrive on bold ambitions, incredible tales, and out-of-the-box thinking. Their objective is to spread new technologies all across the world. On both the B2B and B2C sides, they deal with some of the most intriguing digital businesses and startups.

According to them,

‘Our full suite of services includes media relations, thought leadership, content strategy & creation, awards & speaking engagements, analyst relations, and social media & digital ads. We are a friendly, passionate, and results-oriented group of PR professionals that launch startups and products, help build brands and lead companies to funding, IPO or acquisition.’


While cyber-security concerns are prompting government and IT media to stir and Internet security businesses to expand, the sector should recognize the importance of image in the cyber-security debate. Public relations is a beneficial relationship and reputation management tool in every industry. Still, businesses in the cyber security space can and should use public relations, robust media relations, and communication planning to establish a positive reputation even during a crisis.

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