11 Super Cool Instagram Hacks, Tips & Features To Know

Instagram is all-too-many things at once for brand-new users who haven't been to the reel before. Here are 11 cool Instagram hacks to know before getting started.

A total of 1.4 BILLION people enjoy Instagram currently in the world.

Instagram debuted in the realm of social media apps in 2010, and it has since risen to become the seventh most viewed website in the world. The platform began as a photo-sharing app, but its growth over the last 12 years had a significant impact on social media trends and usage.

The trend continues to escalate to date.

But are you in touch with the ever-evolving Instagram features?

Do you know a few Instagram hacks up your sleeve that makes the app experience so much better?

You should be able to navigate and accomplish the fundamentals around Instagram quite acceptable. However, when you glance around, everyone else appears to be much more…. Evolved?

Even experienced users may find it challenging to traverse the constantly changing social media networks. But don’t let it frustrate you. It’s never too late to start learning and growing!

We’ve rounded up 11 Instagram features and hacks that will upgrade your user experience!

Let’s go!

11 Instagram Features & Hacks To Know

1. Organizing Saved Posts Into Categories

“So, Pinterest? But for the Gram!”

If you’ve ever wanted to organize your favorite posts by topic, you should try creating a collection. To begin, to save other people’s images and add them to your collections, simply press the bookmark sign beneath their uploads.

Now navigate to your profile. A row of symbols should appear above your photographs. On the far right, press the bookmark button.

Go to the Collections tab and select the Plus icon at the top to make a new collection. After creating the collection, click Next and pick any saved images you wish to include in it. When you’re finished, press Next once again.

And voila! A curated collection of organized Instagram posts at your disposal!

2. How To Delete Instagram Post Comments?

A lifesaving Instagram feature.

To delete nasty or improper remarks, someone left on your post, tap the speech bubble underneath the post, swipe to the left on the comment, and select the garbage bin icon.

You may also delete your own comments on any post if you choose. Simply follow the same steps.

With that, you’ll have a lot of trash cleaned up from your profiles!

3. Editing Photos Without Posting On Instagram

Love Instagram’s in-app editing but confused about whether that photo will get posted to be saved?

Occasionally you don’t want to upload a photo immediately, but you want it edited ahead of time. You also might like to share it on other social media sites besides Instagram.

Instagram may be used as a solitary photo editor in a straightforward method. Before you do anything else, enable the Save Original Photos option. This can be found on your settings page, which can be accessed through your profile by clicking on the gear/3 dots.

After that, you must enable airplane mode on your phone. Then, make a new post and adjust your photo. When you click Share, the upload will be disrupted, and an error will occur since you are in airplane mode. However, it will still save to your phone’s photo gallery.

Now it’s there to publish when you feel like it!

4. How To Add Quirky Fonts To Your Instagram?

Tired of looking at the same boring font? Want some diversity in the text interface? Instagram lets you do that!

Here’s an Instagram hack that can make your profile genuinely stand out. You can already insert emojis to the bio underneath your profile photo, but your keyboard severely limits your options.

You may copy over some additional unique fonts not often available in the Instagram community by using a few simple third-party sites. This is how.

Using a website like LingoJam, you can add a new font to your Instagram from your mobile device. When you open the site on your phone, type your preferred text in the left-hand text box, and the exact text in distinct fonts will appear on the right.

Tap and choose “Copy” to copy your selected font to your Instagram. Then, open your Instagram app, go to your profile, press “Edit Profile,” tap the “Bio” section, and paste your typeface of choice into the empty space.

Yeah, as easy as Ctrl+ C and Ctrl+ V!

5. How To Search For Instagram Users Without Being On Instagram?

Too cool to not be on the Gram, yet want to look up certain Instagram pages?

While Instagram would prefer that you eventually set up an account for yourself or your company, you may peruse the incredible brands, individuals, and pets that are awaiting you without an account to determine whether it’s worth signing up.

To find users that do not have an Instagram account, utilize an Instagram username you already know and append it to the end of www.instagram.com/.

So if you’re looking for a business called Your Name, for, e.g., you will be typing in www.instagram.com/yourname in the search bar.

We still recommend you make an account and not miss out!

6. Adjusting Instagram Filters’ Strength

Is there a filter you like but wish it was a little more nuanced?

By design, filters are set to full intensity. By touching the filter twice in a row, you may change them. This will bring up a slider to reduce or raise its strength.

When you’ve reached your desired level, click Done, and you’re ready to post it.

7. Creating Story-Based Highlights To Show More Than 24-Hours On Instagram Reel

Got Stories from a day you wish you and other users keep revisiting often?

Let them hover on your profile!

Posts to your story, like Snapchat, are only visible to your following for 24 hours. But every now and again, you come across a topic that ought to be shared. Maybe you were too funny that day?

That’s where Instagram’s Stories Highlights option comes in, allowing you to keep stories together in the same location on your profile page. If you’ve ever questioned what the “New” button with the “+” icon underneath your profile pic was for, this is the answer.

Tap this New option and choose any number of former stories from your album to create a Stories Highlight:

Then, assign a cover photo and a title to appear on your profile page as its own Instagram Story. By pressing and holding this tale, you may delete the Stories Highlights at any point.

8. Hiding Unwanted Tagged Posts

Getting traumatic Facebook Tags flashbacks? Let this Instagram hack rescue you!

Being tagged in the images of other users may be a terrific method to boost brand recognition. This, nevertheless, is not necessarily a good thing. You may periodically discover yourself tagged in stuff with which you do not wish to be linked.

Don’t be scared. You may make these photos invisible to others by hiding them.

Go to your profile if you wish to hide all tagged photos. A row of icons appears beneath your bio. To the left of the bookmark icon, select the one that resembles a person on a box. This will take you to your segment of Photos of You.

In the top right corner, select the settings symbol. Hide Photos will be an option presented to you. The postings will not be removed from the website, but they will not display on your profile.

There you go, now you’re safe!

9. Cleaning Your Instagram Search History

Got embarrassing searches you wish to leave in the past?

Go to your personal profile and hit the “Settings” button (a gear symbol on iPhone/iPad and three dots on Android) to remove your Instagram search history. Scroll to the bottom and select “Security”:

Then, at the bottom of the display, pick “Clear Search History” and then confirm by clicking the blue link, “Clear Search History.”


10. Setting Up 2-Factor (*2FA) Authentication

This one keeps you all safe and sound while enjoying using Instagram!

When it comes to digital security, you can never be too vigilant. There is always the possibility that your Account will be compromised by hackers attempting to circumvent the system.

You may use 2-factor Authentication if you want to put an additional level of security.

To access your Options page, tap the gear icon (3 dots) at the top of your page.

Two-factor Authentication should be found under Account. You will be sent to a page with a toggle marked Require Security Code when you tap on it. When you enable it, you will receive a text message informing you that Instagram will send a pin number to your phone every time you sign in.

If your Instagram account isn’t already linked to a phone number, you’ll be prompted to provide one.

And there we are, safe and sound!

And last but not least

11. Getting Verified On Instagram

Going for the big guns, are we?

A verified label (the blue check next to a celebrity or brand account name) informs people that you are, in the words of Instagram, “the actual presence of a noteworthy public person, celebrity, worldwide brand, or entity it symbolizes.”

You must be a public person, celebrity, or brand and complete specific conditions to obtain a verified badge. If you’ve decided that you meet Instagram’s verification standards, take these steps to obtain a badge:

  • Navigate to your profile (the person icon in the bottom left corner).
  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  • “Account” > “Request Verification” > “Settings”
  • Complete the form with your username, Full Name, Known As, Category, and government-issued photo ID
  • When you’ve finished filling out all of the input fields, press “Send.”

It’s important to note that requesting a verified badge does not guarantee you’ll get one, do try!

At The End of The Day...

As previously said, we presented these Instagram tips and hacks to help you improve your Instagram presence.

You now know how to utilize the app more effectively, how to ensure that you’re only tagged in photographs that you want to display on your profile, and get yourself an eye-catching Instagram profile!

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