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Top 20 Consumer PR Agencies

Consumer PR agencies assist brands in retaining their existing as well as attracting more customers to their offerings. To accomplish the said objective, consumer PR agencies devise and implement audience-centric communication plans that narrate the brand’s story in the most effective way.

Is there any brand that can actually survive without having a healthy and thriving relationship with its stakeholders? Not in today’s world, they don’t. Today’s customer is more efficient, shrewd, and critical of the products and services of a brand they prefer. They do the digging themselves rather than resort to anyone to unravel information about a particular business. Though it’s good, it can be consequential for businesses as well if they do not ensure a user-centric narrative is being put out there to warrant their stability. Of course, every business can not just do it on its own. It’s a different paradigm and experts are needed to assist brands in engaging with their audience. This whole process pertains to PR, and businesses need consumer PR agencies that specialize in building brand stories and narratives that address the consumers’ concerns in the best manner.

Now if we go a little deeper into the role of consumer PR agencies, these agencies help your business sustain and enhance its reputation and at the same time, grow its operational nexus to expanded markets. Consumer PR agencies determine how a business should engage with its intended audience or the general public. Be it in crisis or to gradually build a positive brand image, consumer PR agencies are what a business needs. If you’re looking for such an agency, we have gathered a list of the top 20 consumer PR agencies for your convenience. Have a look!

What is a consumer PR agency?

A consumer PR agency is one that communicates the brand’s messages to the public. It develops the messaging and its tools to reach the target audience. Companies use consumer public relations to build the identity of their brands, communicate with their target audience, and build credibility.

Why are consumer PR agencies important?

Businesses are not successful if there is no means of communication with the target audience. Consumer PR agencies are hired to deliver brand messages to customers through various tactics and techniques. Having the right messages to represent your brand’s identity is also very important and consumer pr agencies help you develop that as well.

Consumer PR agencies are also important to build credibility for the brands. These agencies use tools like press coverage, articles, story publishing and interviews to get the brand’s story to the target audience. Consumer PR agencies serve an important function and form a channel of good communication with the target audience.

How to get started with a consumer PR agency?

There are a few steps you can take to get started with a consumer PR agency. These steps include reviewing the list given below:

1) Shortlist your agency:

Based on your brand’s industry, you can shortlist your top favorite consumer PR agencies from the comprehensive list given below. These should be selected based on their portfolio of brands and experience. Ideally, 3 agencies should be shortlisted and then you can provide them a brief for further discussion.

2) Develop a brief:

Work with your internal team to figure out the scope of services before you hire an agency. This helps in establishing a clear understanding of the goals and results you are looking for. A good briefing document is the basis of a successful client and agency relationship. The brief should have your goals or required services, budget, and timeline.

3) Long-term Contract:

A short-term project can only achieve a few goals. Positive impact comes from long-term relationships and consistent programs to achieve the goals. When hiring a consumer PR agency it can be helpful to have a long-term contract with favorable terms for both sides. This helps in establishing a good client-agency relationship and gets you a better deal for PR.

1. Top Agency

Top Agency

Location: San Francisco, Austin, New York

Year Founded: 2018

Company size: 100 employees

The Top agency lists top of the top 20 consumer PR agencies due to its highly skilled team of PR professionals with prior experience in assisting renowned brands in expanding their business while keeping a successful relationship with their target audience intact. The Top Agency consists of 12 agencies that act as wings of multiple marketing specialties. So, if you’re looking for a PR cum marketing/advertising agency, you will have a complete package with a Top agency once onboarded. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

2. Communications Strategy Group

Location: Denver, CO

Year Founded: 2004

Company size: 50 employees

It’s true the businesses to be strategic in today’s fluctuating business market. This is one of the situations where a consumer PR agency is imminently needed. In terms of strategic communications, the Communications Strategy Group is the best out there as it is their core service provided to the businesses that have helped a lot of brands get closer to their target audience. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Transamerica
  • Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Charles Schwab
  • NASA

3. Pointman News Creation

Location: Toronto, CA

Year Founded: 2001

Company size: 10 employees

Crisis management is one of the core services Pointman offers to its distinguished clients in its overall PR services domain. An example of their PR acumen is helping the brands tackle the challenges during the outbreak of Covid-19. In these trying times, Pointman has helped businesses retain and even extend their prospect range with top-notch PR. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Samsonite Canada
  • Hipcamp Canada
  • Manly Man Co.
  • Fightnetwork.com

4. Organic Media Group

Location: Dallas, TX

Year Founded: 2005

Company size: 50 employees

Idea Grove is one of those few consumer PR agencies that help you go the extra mile in accelerating your funnel while growing your brand awareness as well as instilling trust in your target audience about your brand and its offerings Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Amazon Alexa
  • AWS Security
  • Standford University
  • NEC

5. Interdependence

Location: Chicago, IL

Company size: 20 employees

Interdependence is a tech-driven consumer PR agency that promises instant conversion for its esteemed clientele in a highly competitive business landscape where driving new prospects towards your offerings is not an easy task. But Interdependence makes it seem easy due to its specialized PR services Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • AeroGo
  • SetSchedule

6. REQ

Location: Washington, DC

Year Founded: 2008

Company size: 50 employees

REQ is a medium-sized consumer PR agency with more than 13 years of experience in helping brands accelerate their growth on and off the digital playfield. A significant chunk of REQ’s marketing services constitutes PR services that assist brands in scaling their positive image to the intended audience. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Intel
  • eBay
  • Waymo
  • PayPal

7. 10 to 1 Public Relations

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Year Founded: 2012

Company size: 50 employees

10to1 Public Relations is a consumer PR agency that claims that it knows how to share your story and the way it should be told which proves its expertise in high-end PR services. It’s one of the most decorated consumer PR agencies that offer a targeted and compelling brand narrative. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Air Pros USA
  • Dexwet Technologies
  • Yellowbird
  • Havenpark Communities

8. Harbinger Communications

Location: Toronto, Ont

Year Founded: 1990

Company size: 50 employees

Harbinger is among very few consumer PR agencies that possess more than 30 years of experience in strategic PR communications along with ever-evolving marketing services. In these 3 decades, Harbinger has built the prestigious brands we see today. Visit their website and look at their services section to see how capable they can build an exceptional brand image for your enterprise. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • Unilever
  • Wrigley
  • ConAgra
  • Vtech Technologie

9. Firecracker PR

Location: Brea, CA

Year Founded: 2004

Company size: 50 employees

Firecracker is a consumer PR agency that dedicates its efforts to scaling your brand awareness as fast as possible by deploying strategies that result in a stronger online presence and reputation, greater awareness about your brand among the prospects, and of course, creating more sales. Not all consumer PR agencies are capable of providing such a flawless stack of PR services. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients


Location: San Francisco, CA

Year Founded: 2003

Company size: 50 employees

UPRAISE safely secures its position among the top 20 consumer PR agencies due to its unrivaled competitive PR services that help your brand gain more visibility than your competitors through its competitor analysis. Refer to UPRAISE’s ‘what we do’ page to have a look at their best-in-class PR services that serve justice to your brand. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • BDS Analytics
  • Bank of San Francisco
  • Mounting Dream
  • County of San Mateo

11. Fox Greenberg PR

Location: New York, NY

Year Founded: 2003

Company size: 50 employees

Fox Greenberg PR is a consumer PR agency consisting of passionate PR professionals eager to build and execute out-of-the-box PR solutions for your business so your business can stand out amongst the intended audience i.e. your consumers. It’s one of those consumer PR agencies that build a brand story so convincing that immediately connects your brand to your audience through strategic, innovative, and effective communication plans. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

12. Otter PR

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Year Founded: 2019

Company size: 50 employees

Otter PR is one of the result-driven top 20 consumer PR agencies primarily rendering services in the areas of media relations, reputation management, and crisis management. Otter PR guarantees the best results soon after the execution of its flawless and audience-centric PR communication strategies.Check out their services page to  know more.

Notable clients

  • Paw & Order
  • Keracell
  • Tentera
  • Sabrina Bradley

13. Red Banyan

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Year Founded: 2010

Company size: 50 employees

Red Banyan is a prominent consumer PR agency that strives to foster and catalyze long-term and thriving relationships between the brands and their end customers. Red Banyan ensures that through its revolutionary and cutting-edge PR communication strategies. Visit the website  here 

Notable clients

  • The Lasik Vision Institute
  • Sheba Medical Center
  • Aqua Blue Realty Development Group
  • Oliver Gal Artist Co.

14. Net Reputation

Location: Sarasota, FL

Year Founded: 2015

Company size: 250 employees

Net Reputation is a top-listed reputation management firm that identifies and capitalizes on all the opportunities that can result in building a stronger, credible, and long-lasting brand image of your business upon the end users or audience. Check out their home page to know more about how Net Reputation can assist your business.

Notable clients

  • WhiteHat
  • Harbortouch
  • Sternberg Law Firm

15. 5WPR

Location: New York, NY

Year Founded: 2003

Company size: 1000 employees

If you’re looking for CPG marketing agencies that can deliver a record-breaking ROI, then Hop Skip should be your first priority. Hop Skip follows a data-driven approach that helps them build tremendously effective digital ads strategies, which resultantly produce exceptional ROI for their clients here 

Notable clients

  • Vizio
  • Sinclair
  • Payless
  • Sparkling Ice

16. The Ascendant Group

Location: Newark, DE

Year Founded: 2004

Company size: 50 employees

Since its creation, Ascendants is a consumer PR agency that is built on referrals and inspired by the trust of its clients in its impressive work in PR services. Ascendants have been connected with successful leadership of leading businesses in their respective verticals, your business could be one of them. Check out their home page for more

17. Media Frenzy Global

Location: Atlanta, GA

Year Founded: 2013

Company size: 50 employees

If you’re looking for consumer PR agencies that can drive quick brand differentiation and growth for you, then Media Frenzy is what you need. Media Frenzy Global offers tech-driven PR solutions to businesses that garner the immediate attention of the target audience. Check out their home page to know more about them.

Notable clients

  • Belay
  • Rev.io
  • Stratix
  • Vensure

18. Reputation Defense Network

Location: San Francisco, CA

Year Founded: 2016

Company size: 50 employees

Reputation Defense Network is one of the fastest-growing consumer PR agencies in the US with the help of its top-of-the-class content removal services that savor brands from any sorts of defamation or any potential threats on digital platforms. Refer to their home page to find out how they can keep your brand’s reputation intact.

19 Berkeley Communications

Location: Reading, United Kingdom

Year Founded: 1995

Company size: 250 employees

Berkeley Communications has a completely different approach from all the top 20 consumer PR agencies in this listicle. How? With the help of its six-step story formula that ultimately boosts the performance of a brand’s PR campaign which of course grows sales as well. Check out their home page to learn more about the PR services of Berkeley.

Notable clients

20. Bastion Amplify

Location: Laguna Hills, CA

Year Founded: 2016

Company size: 50 employees

Bastion Amplify is a full-service digital marketing agency that also acts as a consumer PR agency. With its diversified team of marketing and PR professionals, Bastion has amassed tremendous appraise from its clientele due to its outstanding services. Check out its services page to find out how it can assist you in regard to PR services.

Notable clients

  • IFG World
  • Unispace
  • Fisher and Paykel Healthcare
  • Iron Rebel


It has become almost impossible to survive let alone thrive in the highly competitive business landscape of the 21st century. The Technological Revolution has taken on every conventional method of doing business by storm and it’s not just the businesses that have made the most out of the emerging and intelligent technological stacks, but it has also improved the customer’s ability to make shrewd, calculated, and informed decisions. Without a doubt, it has enabled customers to assess every brand and their move very critically which has necessitated businesses to remain consistently connected to their target audience and strengthen their relationship with the intended audience through effective storytelling. How does that happen? Through PR. Who does that? Consumer PR agencies.

It’s not easy to just build an in-house PR team as there will still be a gap that could not be voided due to the limited experience in PR of the in-house team. The dedicated PR agencies have abundant human capital and technical resources to execute what is called a flawless PR strategy and that reflects in the brand’s popularity among its target audience. 

Its high time for businesses to onboard experienced consumer PR agencies as it has become more important than ever to always have at least a crisis management strategy to tackle any unforeseen or unanticipated circumstances that have the potential to seriously stain the brand’s overall image and reputation among its stakeholders. If you haven’t onboarded a consumer PR agency for your business, we hope that a list of the top 20 consumer PR agencies that we have prepared for you will help you make the best decision for your business.

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