Brands that Work with Influencers In 2021: Seven Do’s and Don’ts

Having a smart strategy on working with influencers can get you oodles of benefits, conversions and brand exposure. We have highlighted some of the best tips for working with influencers in 2021 and beyond. Read on...

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Creating a brand profile and building upon it isn’t as difficult as it used to be a few years ago. You have your influencers, integrated marketing tools, and many other things that make scalability a relatively simple task. Simply put – In 2021 it’s much easier to scale your business and brands that work with influencers have a lot to gain.

Speaking of influencers, our best suggestion is to start working with influencers at a micro-level and move on to the big boys’ league once your business has enough revenue. Part of the reason for suggesting working with micro-influencers, early on, is because they have a high engagement ratio, and also offer cheap packages that are well worth the shot.

In this post, we’ll go through some of the best Do’s & Don’ts of working with influencers as part of your social media brand strategy. Brands that work with influencers in 2021 need to have a strong sense of these do’s and don’ts if they wish to scale their campaigns with the best ROI.

But before we do that, it’s better to go through the definition of social media or digital influencers. Since this is a beginner’s guide on everything related to working with influencers; the norms and all that, we are assuming that you are at the very start of executing your marketing strategy.

On the other hand, if you are an advanced marketer looking for detailed insights on social media marketing, please go ahead and check out our post here.

Who Is a Social Influencer & Why Is an Influencer Strategy Important?

best tips for working with influencers, smart ways of working with influencers online.

According to Google, the search engine receives query requests in excess of 77,000 to 80,000 each second. While it interprets to 70,000 unique opportunities for your brand, product, or service to be featured in Google, it also means that if you aren’t doing any marketing, you are missing out on those opportunities.

That’s where influencer marketing comes in. It isn’t exactly the only source of pulling in customers, but it does work well to scale businesses and their products.

By definition, a social influencer is a person who has amassed millions of active followers on a bunch of, or a specific platform on the internet. These platforms could be anywhere between, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and SnapChat, where thousands of influencers are already working full time to “influence” people.

As to “why an influencer strategy is important,” the simple answer is that it works as celebrity endorsement on the internet. Through someone famous, you can potentially reach millions of brand new customers, generate leads, and get a better ROI percentage.

The simple idea of someone famous mentioning your business, brand, or product in a short video has a 90% chance that a lot of people are going to be “influenced” by what the said influencer is saying. Most of them will be curious, obviously, and they will check out your platform in the near future. This is why influencer marketing is integral these days.

A lot of digital influencers work full time and get paid to endorse products and services.

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The 7 Best Do’s and Don’ts for Brands that wish to Work with Influencers

best tips for working with influencers, smart ways of working with influencers online.

If this is your first time working with influencers, we recommend going through the following do’s and don’ts to avoid making any mistakes.

The Do’s

● Goal Definition is Important

Working with influencers is a tedious process. Just like any other marketing strategy, you need to define your goals and the influencers’ KPIs to help them understand your strategy.

Bear in mind that a lot of mega influencers with millions of online followers do not have time to go through your business strategy. You can, however, share a draft version of the KPIs and your expectations to keep the influencer on the same page.

● Working with the Right Influencer

On the outside, it may look as if the influencer that you are about to select is the next best thing on the internet. However, before you sign them up for a contract, or transfer them any payment, make sure that you are doing due diligence.

Run a few background checks; make sure that the influencer has active followers and it’s not just a bloated social media profile, and see if the audience is relevant to your niche.

For instance, you’d choose someone popular in the athletics department to promote your sportswear, instead of hiring a fashion & beauty influencer. That’s why audience relevance is important, among other things, of course.

● Working with Influencers and Teams Altogether

Working with influencers isn’t always about you and the influencer. There’s a whole bunch of people who work from both sides.

Especially, if you own a big brand, with a fast-paced business, you are more than likely to engage influencers who’d like to be synchronized throughout the process. For best results, keep your team and the influencer up to date on the latest developments concerning the strategy that’s being followed.

Make sure that everyone is aware of the milestones, and that the influencer does not have any performance blockers.

● Monitor Results and Improvise

For an effective social media influencer strategy to work, it is all about reshaping future processes through data-driven results.

Without data, you won’t have any idea about user engagement trends vs. how well the influencer strategy performed. Also, you will need audience response percentages in different demographics to measure and calibrate your future influencer strategies.

Simply create a shared document where you and your marketing team can monitor campaign results in real-time. From then on, it’s all about making improvements through actionable insights.

The Don’ts

● Goals? What are They?

Any marketing campaign comes with a bunch of goals. You have an idea or at least a mundane picture of what you want to achieve after you are done working with influencers on a project.

If you are not setting up any goals, you will not be creating impact. Or maybe, despite creating impact, you will not be able to highlight those pain points for good or bad reasons. Without goals and an effective monitoring strategy, any marketing campaign is like shooting arrows blindfolded.

● Not Giving Influencers Any Freedom

We get it that you have a brand or a service to market, and you want the influencer to follow a specific script.

However, many influencers do much better when they improvise. This way, they can come up with quirky lines, actionable suggestions that you may have missed in your contract, and different stuff. There’s a reason why people call them “influencers”. So, work with your digital influencer to hear what they have to say about improving your branding strategy.

● There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch!

Perhaps there is, but Working with influencers always comes down to numbers.

The bigger the influencer is, the bigger that number is. Sometimes, influencers don’t charge a single penny due to the scope of the project they might have signed with you. Maybe you are running a charity program, or curing cancer, or doing something that helps the common people. In this case, there’s a good chance that a bunch of online celebs and social media influencers will proactively work with you without charging anything.

However, that’s not always the case. Online digital influencers have different packages and payment plans. That’s all the more reason to start your campaign by working with micro-influencers. Their services don’t cost as much, and these fellas have better conversion percentages because of several interesting factors.

The bottom is paid collaboration. As long as you are a brand looking to work with influencers, set aside a budget and move ahead with your influencer marketing strategy accordingly.

Summing It All Up

There’s a very small chance that your influencer marketing campaigns may not work.

For many marketers, working with influencers is like an open and shut case, where they move on to the next influencer and new marketing goals. However, we recommend staying connected with your current/ last influencers’ audience since that makes up for a good chunk of traffic.

You can use email marketing, personalized marketing strategies, and many other intuitive ways to keep customer retention at higher levels. Other than that, we wish you all the best for your next big venture.

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