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Top 16 Boston PR Firms

The following list of top Boston PR firms can assist you in promoting your business. The following lists include information that'll enable you to choose the best PR firm for your needs.

boston pr firms

For the benefit of their customers’ goods and people, public relations (PR) businesses exploit media attention to their advantage. This is a kind of “earned” or “unpaid” media, much like paid advertising. For a public relations agency, getting its clients’ names mentioned in the media is its primary purpose.

It is common for public relations companies to write news releases and distribute them to the media, as well as to organize special events and do market research.

They may write speeches and pitches, conduct market research, network, blog, and promote social media.

Public relations firms work to improve their customers’ public image by using the media. Using their knowledge of the companies, they can identify positive messages and convey them to the press. While they can easily handle terrible news, they can also figure out how to limit the damage.

What is a PR agency?

Public relations (PR) is a term given to the promotion of a product, brand, or service through media coverage, press campaigns, interviews, and storytelling. PR is done through relationship management and a good PR agency usually has a network of journalists and media on their panel for engagement on various campaigns.

Difference between a PR agency & marketing agency?

A PR agency specializes in promoting brands and services through a series of press coverage, interviews, and communication tactics on various platforms. A PR campaign is done through relationship management with the media and networks with channels or journalists. This type of campaign builds credibility and builds the brand in the eyes of the customers.

A marketing agency uses various tactics including but not limited to public relations, advertising, campaign launches, digital promotions, and video communications. Marketing agencies provide promotion services for brands, services & products using a multi-platform approach and strategy. These agencies also work on collateral and building the brand through different strategies.

Benefits of a PR agency

There are many benefits when hiring a PR agency. Companies can hire a PR agency to build brands and credibility:

1) Builds credibility

A PR agency utilizes various coverage and communication strategies that help to build the brand’s credibility with the customers. Customers are more interested in reading about the company and its brands through third-party resources and media posts. This kind of coverage and promotion builds integrity for the brand and reaches a wider audience.

2) Helps in growth

A good PR campaign is a great way to grow your brand and increase your customer base. It helps in telling the story of the organization, its history, and inception in a more interesting way than advertising. Public relations done right will grow the brand in an organic and natural way, gaining a loyal customer base.

3) Budget-friendly

PR campaigns are generally cost-effective and quite friendly on the budget. Since public relations relies mostly on relationship management and networks, companies end up paying lesser than marketing through advertising in print or TV or using out-of-home billboards. A consistent PR campaign will help build the brand on a long term basis.

Top 16 Boston PR Firms

Let’s read more about the Top 16 Boston PR Firms.

1. TOP Agency

Top Agency

Location: San Francisco, Austin, New York

Year Founded: 2018

Company size: 100

TOP Agency is a global network of integrated agencies offering comprehensive and robust services to clients all over the globe. They take pride in their independence and team of award-winning thinkers, designers, content producers, digital storytellers, and developers. For more details, check out the company’s PR services page.

Client List:

  • UCLA
  • Smuker’s
  • Del MontePTA
  • Intel

2. PAN Communications

Location: Boston, San Francisco, New York, Orlando, London

Year Founded: 1995

Company size: 279

As an integrated marketing and public relations business, PAN Communications is a significant player in the B2B IT and healthcare sectors. Boston-based PR firm PRovoke Media called it one of the “Best PR Agencies in the United States” in 2021 with a growing online presence. Using PAN’s NXT Stage technique, companies can take their concepts and convert them into engaging stories that meet both early-stage and late-stage development goals. For more details, check out their company’s website.

Client List:

  • Rapid7
  • Quickbase
  • Cogito
  • OneStream

3. Nickerson

Location: Boston, New York, Miami, Los Angeles

Year Founded: 2012

Company size: 29

Nickerson enhances the experiential experience as a trusted worldwide partner for top, forward-thinking businesses, using their unique combination of creative services, communications, marketing & strategy development, and risk & reputation management. The firm is one of PRDaily’s award winners for Crisis Communications/Reputation Management and a nominee for PRWeek’s 2020 Best in Crisis award. For more details, check out their company’s website.

Client List:

  • Servia
  • Bulfinch
  • Housing Families
  • Global Property Developers Cooperation

4. Warner Communications

Location: Boston, NY

Year Founded: 1997

Company size: 23

As a full-service marketing services firm, Warner Communications Group, LLC specializes in creating campaigns that significantly influence the bottom line. Supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, technical services, technology, financial services, consumer items, education, and energy and cleantech are just some of the industries for which they have a deep understanding.

The Warner team is well-known for providing senior-level hands-on advice and special program implementation. We harness the power of narrative and our long-standing media partnerships to influence audiences, shift markets, and accomplish sales outcomes with a proven return on investment. For more details, check out their company’s website.

Client List:

  • Procurious
  • CapizziMD
  • enVerid
  • International Window Film Association

5. 360 PR

Location: Boston. NY

Year Founded: 2001

Company size: 77

360 PR is more than just a moniker; it’s a way of thinking. As a result, their client’s target audience will be exposed to various points of contact with the client’s brand, no matter where they travel, what medium they use, or how they engage with it. This agency encourages consumers to take action via a clear call to move in the form of a social media post. For more details, check out their company’s website.

Client List:

  • Trek
  • Jabra
  • Avis
  • Vrbo

6. Fama PR

Location: Boston

Year Founded: 2002

Company size: 42

Fama PR is the leading boutique PR company for technology firms in North America. They work with their clients to develop communications strategies tailored to their specific business needs to raise their brand’s visibility and generate money. Fama PR’s seasoned public relations specialists use a hands-on, common-sense approach to both strategy and tactics to provide exceptional outcomes and unparalleled customer service. For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client List:

  • Aternity
  • Data Gumbo
  • Everstream Analytics
  • Jenzabar


7. Greenough

Location: Boston, NY

Year Founded: 1999

Company size: 41

Greenough’s company is built on a foundation of brand storytelling. Phil Greenough founded a business based on a disciplined narrative style that maximizes the utilization of an expanding variety of communications channels after 15 years at a Fortune 50 corporation and a top 5 PR agency. Various additional marketing firms have followed their route since then due to significant industry factors, namely social and digital media. For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client List:

  • Sodexo
  • Arbella Insurance
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific


8. Metis Communications

Location: Boston, NY

Year Founded: 2001

Company size: 22

METIS Communications is a public relations and marketing firm. They work with private and public companies in the B2B tech and healthcare, customer experience (CX), and digital sectors. In addition to offering growth advertising & communications, they also provide brand recognition and employee experience with their strategy and execution services, as well as theories of executive leadership and talent marketing. For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client List:

  • Datto
  • Golden Seeds
  • WatchDox
  • Insightly


9. Corporate Ink

Location: Boston, NY

Year Founded: 1989

Company size: 27

Using Corporate Ink, B2B and tech enterprises may quickly achieve success. Known for their people-first approach, they focus on larger goals, including high-value exits, acquisitions, financing, market share, and authentic industry leadership. Worldcom Public Relations Group’s worldwide resources back up their principles, service, and authenticity in Boston, where they are based. For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client List:

  • Axeda
  • Blackkite
  • Belden
  • Blue Ridge


10. Racepoint Global

Location: Boston, NY

Year Founded: 2003

Company size: 105

RPG’s objective is simple: they assist customers to navigate and prosper in the new communications environment by directing the most critical discussions. By working with clients, they aim to help them connect with their target audiences in a meaningful and authentic manner across a wide range of communication channels. Racepoint Global’s collaboration with customers develops a competitive advantage and generates commercial results. For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client List:

  • MediaTek
  • eClinicalWorks
  • Semtech

11. Scratch Marketing + media

Location: Boston, NY

Year Founded: 2009

Company size: 49

This company helps startups in the IT and innovation industries expand and execute their plans quickly. As PR and Marketing Co-Pilots, they are there to aid in the rapid recognition, acceptance, and adoption of potentially game-changing technologies and breakthroughs. Scratch Marketing + media build long-term industry and customer relationships by using an integrated, multi-channel strategy. For more details, check out their company’s website.

Client List:

  • TestFit Inc
  • Acuity Risk Management
  • Nasuni
  • AceUp


12. Elevate Communications

Location: Boston, Philadelphia, Park City, West Palm Beach

Year Founded: 2003

Company size: 25

Boston-based public relations and digital communications consultancy, Elevate Communications has satellite offices in Philadelphia, Park City, and West Palm Beach. As a result of their significant, hands-on experience working with startups and established corporations alike, they have a thorough grasp of the corporate, consumer, technology, and sports industries. For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client List:

  • ALS Therapy Development Institute
  • The Boston Globe
  • BioSymetrics Inc


13. V2 Communications

Location: Boston, NY

Year Founded: 2006

Company size: 49

V2 Communications redefines what it means to become a strategic communications partner by providing public relations and digital communication systems to disruptive global companies. There is much complexity involved in today’s communications landscape, and the agency helps businesses manage them to achieve success and growth. V2’s creative and business-minded experts deliver the strategic advice, campaign concepts, and outcomes that propel firms ahead. Roughly 85% of V2’s business comes from return and reference customers, ranging from technological innovators to higher education institutions to non-profits. V2 Communications has been named one of PRNEWS’s 2019 Top Places to Work in Public Relations. For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client List:

  • UiPath
  • CarePort Health
  • ASG Technologies
  • Betterment at Work


14. Matter Communications

Location: Boston, NY

Year Founded: 2003

Company size: 274

To help clients elevate their brands, Matter Communications combines PR with creative services and digital marketing with a strategy to create action-oriented campaigns while also adding value. In high-tech, healthcare, consumer technology, professional services, and direct-to-consumer markets, they partner with some of the most forward-thinking firms in the world. Large and small projects alike may benefit from their in-house graphic design and web development resources, as well as their video and live broadcast services. For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client List:

  • 6K Additive
  • Bigtincan
  • Corindus
  • Insulet


15. Yelling Mule

Location: Boston, NY

Year Founded: 2010

Company size: 17

Yelling Mule is a web design firm that produces results-oriented websites for businesses of all sizes, including startups. They include everything from bespoke web design and responsive website development to entire online marketing strategies that help businesses increase traffic and revenues. For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client List:

  • Wolf & Company
  • Verma Foundation
  • Fresh Food Generation
  • American Camp Association


16. BIGfish Communications

Location: Boston, NY

Year Founded: 1999

Company size: 22

B2B, B2B2C, and B2C companies benefit from BIGfish’s exceptional PR services, including creative storytelling and media campaigns. Contact them to discover more about how their award-winning services and clients can help your business grow. For more details, check out the company’s website.

Client List:

  • Ring
  • Formlabs


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