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11 Best Startup PR Agencies In 2022

Hooking up with the right Startup PR Agency is a long term commitment. Since budget is an issue, business look for the ideal combination of pricing plans, and innovative strategies to work long term. Here's what you need to know.

In innovative times like these, it’s not enough to let your idea come to life within an office — especially when it’s a startup.

At some point, newly founded businesses require PR services to scale. Luckily there’s a thing called ‘fishing’ for Startup PR Agencies to land a contract with a service provider that is just perfect!

With that in mind, we have rounded up a handful of some of the best startup pr agencies that are known for their pricing plans’ affordability, overall services and their commitment to growth.

However, before getting started, it’s important to know a little bit about Public relations (PR), and the overall importance of PR in today’s online industry.

According to Jenna Guarneri, a Forbes Councils Member, PR for startups is essential because:

“Good PR can help with investors, increase backlinks to your website, increase brand awareness and help companies claim the title of ‘the first of their kind.’”
So if these are the primary goals you wish for your startup to achieve, sit through this article and find all the answers to your PR questions, pick a startup PR agency that will do your business justice, as well as learn a few PR tricks of your own to get the ball rolling!

What Is Public Relations

For short, public relations, or PR, is educating stakeholders about a company while also developing positive impressions about the brand through strategic communications.

Public relations is in the process of telling stories. PR practitioners construct storylines to create PR campaigns that promote their clients’ agendas. This might include defending, boosting, or developing identities through the media, social networks, or other forms of communication.

Public relations is distinct from other forms of marketing.

Public relations varies from other marketing approaches in that advertising and publicity are earned rather than purchased. In contrast, buying an advertisement is an illustration of paid promotion.

What Is PR for startups?

Startup PR is about building a good image for your business through various media outlets. Perhaps it is better to think of it this way: advertising is you declaring that your product is fantastic, whereas public relations is getting somebody to express it for you.

PR strategies for startups and other larger firms focus on getting people to speak about the product or company by boosting newsworthy journalism or social content and taking steps to keep the public dialogue positive.

Since startups are beginning from nothing, their public relations activities must focus on short-term development and long-term reputation upkeep.

Startup PR is simply placing oneself in the media environment to generate a good image for your business and position yourself as a thought leader in your sector. Thought leadership is defined as the act of presenting a new or distinctive point of view that alters popular perception.

It is similar to branding in promoting exposure, validity, and legitimacy. As a result, it gains a distinct market position, achieving one of the critical end goals of public relations.

When does the need for a startup PR agency come into play?

When you are prepared to market your brand and products and are ready to expand your consumer engagement, it is time to consider how PR methods might assist. Many entrepreneurs decide to hire a startup PR agency at this point to utilize their skills in creating media connections and addressing specific essential audiences.

Is There A Need For PR For Startups?

Startup PR may significantly accelerate your expansion and, as such, should be a priority for your business at any level of development.

People who do not grasp the value of public relations will not invest in working with public relations agencies. However, public relations for startups is critical to their growth and future progress.

Excellent PR for startups may assist in forming good public perceptions and creating social media and conventional media networks.

This assists the startup in building a company’s reputation, which will ultimately lead to financial growth and greater sales. The most plausible explanation is that most customers prefer generated media over traditional advertising because the latter is created by the company itself and is usually perceived as “self-promotional.”

PR for startups is a crucial component of your marketing mix.

It is customary for companies to prioritize product development above customer development. The inability to discover and build your community and consumers, on the other hand, is a significant risk for startups.

Bottom line? By investing in a startup PR agency and PR, you’re ensuring your startup is:

  • Obtaining funds or an investment
  • Recruiting top talent
  • Increasing the number of users or customers
  • Expanding the company’s reach across boundaries and setting new target demographics
  • Creating trials for its goods or services
  • Teaching the general population about a new market, service, or concept
  • Taking a stand against the competition
  • Being a thought leader and standing out from the crowd

The Truth About Startup PR Agencies

This is where you can start learning in your own startup PR journey!

PR may assist in projecting a positive image to a startup’s intended audience. In that order, an idea or some form of visualization is essential; it can build or destroy a business and even be a decisive factor in sales.

Nevertheless, gaining the media attention required to become a trusted brand does not happen quickly. It takes time to lay the groundwork in the press. Whether you develop an in-house PR team or engage an agency, keep the following in mind:

Persistence is essential

Gaining press coverage needs regularity, and additional time is non-existent while attempting to expand a firm.

Setting a personal record is a marathon, not a sprint

Your PR staff is developing long-term initiatives, and patience is essential. PR initiatives must be constant to be effective.

Before You Hire a Startup PR Agency

If you feel your efforts will not help you complete the checklist of benefits startup PR can offer you, here are some things to consider before you entrust a startup PR agency to do the work for you!

Based on your requirements, select a startup PR agency familiar with your startup’s or neighboring markets. Examine its track record and knowledge of strategic positioning and communication. In addition to engaging media and industry influencers to express your message, a strong PR company will have talents such as branding, conveying your message, doing market research, and narrowing your audience.

Inquire about the criteria the business will use to gauge the effectiveness of their work for you and introductions to the persons who will operate on your project.

Be sure that you are happy with what you have learned.

If you want to identify how your startup PR agency will be working, you can familiarize yourself with their efforts as they will be:

  • Making press releases and blogging
  • Pitching articles for journalists
  • Coordinating interviews and public appearances for firm executives
  • Garnering media attention
  • Organizing and carrying out media and public outreach activities
  • Using social media to promote your company or product

Now that you’re educated enough on what to expect from a startup PR agency, we’ve rounded up our Top 10 to help you pick and choose as you please!

Top 11 Startup PR Agencies To Work With In 2023

Here’s a quick rundown of the best startup pr agencies to date. Let’s take a look…

1. Top Agency

Based in San Francisco, Austin, New York and London, Top Agency offers just about the right combination of cleverly laid out strategies and affordable pr services packages for new businesses.

Although the company has worked with some of the most popular businesses in the industry as a PR firm, startups are treated a little differently. Each company gets its own unique strategy, followed up with a roadmap to outline long term and short term goals. Since Top Agency is also a digital marketing services platform, any amount of PR work is backed up with aggressive content marketing, influencer marketing, and social media marketing among other things.

As a result, startups reportedly see a steady growth in their PR ratings and overall business exposure across different verticals.


  • PR & Communication
  • PR Training for Startups
  • Crisis Communication
  • Digital Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing

For more details, head over to Top Agency’s PR services page.

2. Bob Gold & Associates

Bob Gold & Associates is a Southern California-based award-winning, results-driven firm. They specialize in entertainment innovation-based with many clients, from tiny startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

The 24-year-old firm has received global acclaim for its achievements in the cable TV sector, serving customers as diverse as Cisco, Plume, Corning, ESPN, New Roads School, The Cable Center, and Viamedia, amongst plenty of others.

According to them,

We focus on data and analysis; through a proprietary approach we call BG&A Insight™ because Data + Analysis = Media Strategies That Resonate. BG&A Insight™ allows us to meet every client’s unique needs and starts by implementing a deep dive onboarding process to help create a proactive and personalized media relations campaign that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Replicable and Timely.

They specialize in video distribution, from content production to the technology that links consumers to businesses.

In terms of their clientele and popularity in the market, they claim that clients choose them for their credibility.

We are stalwart brand stewards. And have launched or serviced more than 25 TV networks, 30 technology companies, and numerous associations. We are indispensable partners and have served as consiglieres to our CEOs and heads of PR and Marketing.”


  • Online Public Relations
  • TV PR and News PR
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Creation

For more details, check out the company’s website.

3. Cascade Communications

Cascade has been devoted to developing creative, focused PR and marketing communications programs for businesses of all sizes, from corporate and mid-market to small companies, startups, and NGOs, since 2001.

They are now a well-known virtual narrative agency with the expertise to engage clients, media, partners, and others. And they not only grasp, but are specialists in the secret ingredient to digital success.


  • PR & Communication Training For Startups
  • Public Relations
  • NGO PR Services
  • Crisis PR
  • Education PR

For more details, check out the company’s website.

4. The Pollack PR Marketing Group

The Pollack Public Relations Marketing Group is a multi-specialty firm that creates communication platforms and initiatives, introduces new goods and services, and encourages consumer brand interaction.

They work with customers ranging from cutting-edge startups to Fortune 500 corporations. The team has run numerous successful startup campaigns, including those for Altra Biofuels and Oversee.net.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

5. Now! PR

Now! PR is a group of experts located in Milan that specialize in four areas: corporate communication, financial communication, technological innovation communication, and vacation and tourism communication.

They deal with both blue chip companies like HTC and startups.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

6. TrizCom PR

The award-winning TrizCom website has an entire section dedicated to the services they offer to entrepreneurs.

They offer advisory services, corporate identity, communications plans and strategies, social networking and forum integration, media releases, press pre-pitching and pitching analyst presentations, white papers, speaking opportunities, interview requests, media training, and other programs to help startup clients get their online marketing campaigns off to a fine start.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

7. Zmest Marketing Agency

Zmest is a youthful team of experts capable of producing mature outcomes.

Since 2017, they have established over 20 successful initiatives throughout the world. In the European, American, Asian, and CIS markets, the organization provides a wide variety of marketing and advertising services.

Zmest perfectly integrates PR solutions, community management, social media marketing, influencer marketing, event marketing, and email marketing to satisfy client demands, and is especially attentive to startup specifics and requirements.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

8. Vitis PR

Vitis PR is a public relations firm located in Birmingham that specializes on tech PR.

They provide impact PR, SEO, and social media for technology, telecommunications, and high-growth businesses. Vitis PR aims to produce effective, profile-building initiatives for startups, small to medium-sized businesses, and publicly traded organizations.

For more details, check out the company’s website.


CAP&CIME PR is an autonomous public relations firm situated in Paris.

They engage with customers of all sizes, from startups to major multinational organizations, to create connections and impact with their intended audience and media by combining PR, SMM, and graphic design services.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

10. Harris Public Relations

Harris PR is an inventive public relations firm based in Ireland and the United Kingdom that creates long-lasting campaigns for both established firms and tiny startups.

They have also collaborated with hundreds of organizations and non-profits on a variety of fundraising and publicity efforts.

For more details, check out the company’s website.

11. Jigsaw PR & Marketing

Jigsaw PR & Marketing is an autonomous firm that provides strategic communications, brand development, media relations, and digital marketing.

Jigsaw PR & Marketing creates winning campaigns for various startups, consumer brands, family companies, and SMEs in industries such as leisure, food & drink, economics, tourism, retail, and real estate.

For more details, check out the company’s website.


Public relations is an important component of marketing for startups to invest in, either on your own or with the assistance of a PR agency. As a startup, public relations is essential for increasing brand recognition and distinguishing yourself in your sector.

This book has outlined the distinct benefits of startup public relations strategy, as well as the steps you can take to have your brand noticed in the media and push yourself into a place of thought leader

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