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6 Best Healthcare PR Agencies In 2022

Healthcare PR agencies play an important role in helping to create and monitor communication between medical institutes and their stakeholders. Here's a detailed breakdown of the responsibilities healthcare pr agencies and some of the best oness to hire in 2022.

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Understanding the general term of Public Relations, or P.R. is the first step we will take before diving deep into healthcare.

Currently, it’s hard to ignore what P.R. really stands for – not as in what its long-form entails, but more of what it does and what it constitutes.

When combined with healthcare, public relations helps healthcare institutes to communicate better through strategies that help to maintain a solid reputation among the institutes’ associated stakeholders and the overall public.

What is Public Relations ?

Public relations is like having a strategic conversation between an expert and the intended consumer or any other party affected by the information being shared. Before we explain what it means to deal with healthcare public relations specifically, let’s take a look into the workings of public relations.

In that order, public relations is a conduit, a facilitator, and a manager of communication, conducting research, defining problems, and creating meaning by fostering communication among many groups in society.

It is a little challenging to define, but it is a wide-ranging field often misperceived. Often the question arises if it’s really the truth in the words of a P.R., or is it just a tale spun to please the higher-ups or fulfill some other cause?

Many P.R. agencies make it a point to build trust and confidence in their name so that the integrity of their word is never questioned and that they are revered as the top P.R. agency.

We’ll also look at some leading healthcare agencies that have managed to build their brand with trust.

While the use of traditional forms of mass communication like the newspaper is declining, the public relations forms of communication have only seen a rise.

What is Healthcare?

Healthcare is a sector made up of businesses that provide medical services, equipment, and insurance to people. While it is relatively significant in the U.S. economy, it is not the same case everywhere else.

In 2020, healthcare accounted for a whopping 18% of GDP in the U.S. Shocking! On the contrary, countries like Yemen and Somalia had accounted for less than 5% of GDP.

Fundamentally, it is a human good as it affects a person’s life, so society must ensure that each person living in it is well taken care of.

What is Healthcare Public Relations?

Healthcare PR agencies are some of the crucial ones in the world of P.R. agencies. Mainly, it is because of the dynamic nature of healthcare; the need to monitor online conversations, reaction, and sentiments and anticipate the development of stories and trends, including the impacts of public policy and political change.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, this particular sector has seen an intensified interest and focus, and with the new waves being introduced this often, this interest would continue to stay consistent. Even before that, healthcare has always remained a topic of interest for everyone in any given community.

Possibly not a very common thought, but all types of healthcare organizations can benefit from effective P.R. and digital marketing, especially under a coherent strategy.

Generally, the healthcare P.R. landscape is very crowded and features a highly competitive investment environment. This is why healthcare P.R. agencies need to be more transparent and compelling in their messaging, making sure to keep the communication as effective as possible.

Reiterating the above point, healthcare is a crucial sector that cannot afford to be unclear with its messaging as it can be dangerous for the parties involved. The communication between the stakeholders, investors, patients, their families, and regulators must be adequate to avoid that from happening.

What Does a Healthcare PR Agency Aim For?

Any public relations agency is made to educate and share information and make the correspondence and the overall discourse a little bit more open and understandable. When it comes to healthcare P.R. agencies, this sharing of information looks a lot like new information on a disease or medical condition, new products, new healthcare laws, etc.

Due to the sensitive nature of the field, the information must be correct and comprehensive for the audience, including the healthcare organizations and the consumers/patients. Any sign of medical jargon and technical phrasing of sentences can cost lives here. This is why the information should be kept easy to understand.

Healthcare PR Agency Services

Some of the standard services offered by any number of Healthcare PR Agencies are stated below:

  1. Branding
  2. Strategy
  3. Media relations
  4. Media training
  5. Content writing (including white papers and case studies)
  6. Press release production and distribution
  7. Crisis management (prevention, preparation, and damage-control)
  8. Reputation management
  9. Social media management
  10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The varying sectors do very little to differences in the services; those as mentioned earlier are the ones that usually remain the same in all of them.

Difference between Healthcare PR & Healthcare Marketing

While healthcare public relations focuses on building and protecting a brand’s reputation across all channels, including earned and owned media, healthcare marketing focuses on acquitting customers and generating direct leads through campaigns on specific products and/or services.

6 Best Healthcare PR Agencies In 2022

Here’s a detailed rundown of the best healthcare pr agencies that are popular for their services right now.

1. Top Agency

TOP Agency is a global public relations agency that combines robust PR operations and digital marketing strategies to cater to client requirements in the healthcare sector. The platform combines reactive and pro-active PR functions to scale communication between healthcare institutes and their concerned stakeholders.

As a one of the reputable healthcare pr agencies to date, client campaigns are personalized according to the institute’s weaknesses, strengths and overall requirements. Such strategies call for high-quality content creation and a mix of digital marketing strategies to serve as a backbone for any ongoing PR operation.


Top Agency’s expertise hails from the following touchpoints.

  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Media Training
  • Ghostwriting
  • PR Asset Creation
  • Insightful Reporting


Some of the agency’s clients in the healthcare sector are, but not limited to:

  • BetterDoctor
  • CrowdMed
  • BetterHealth
  • TivicHealth

2. Crosby Marketing

Crosby has helped many clients make powerful connections that have set forth inspirational behavior and contributed to the greater good of society. Specializing in healthcare, nonprofits, causes, government, military, and veterans, Crosby’s entire brand revolves around helping people.

According to the company’s reps, “We understand the complex, ever-changing world of healthcare. From the impacts of healthcare reform and an aging population to new consumer-driven choices, we create programs that motivate positive behavior change, build stronger brands, and deliver healthier outcomes for everyone.”


The following services are limited explicitly to healthcare P.R. to match the theme of this article:

  • Brand development
  • Service line marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Digital engagement and apps
  • Senior services marketing
  • Stakeholder engagement


Some of their clients are as follows:

  • Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ)
  • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
  • DAV (Disabled American Veterans)
  • Dept. of Defense/Military OneSource

Essential facts about Crosby Marketing:

  • They have 40+ years of award-winning health communications experience
  • They came #10 on O’Dwyer’s list of the largest Healthcare PR agencies

3. imre HEALTH

Imre works to identify areas that require improvement of healthcare experiences for everyone involved: patients, doctors, and caregivers. They believe in the power of communication before taking charge to change the world.

“Each project is led by an arsenal of subject matter experts, constantly collaborating to deliver results.”


The below-mentioned services are a few of the many that they offer.

  • Consumer & HCP Journey Mapping & Social Media Marketing
  • Media Planning
  • Data, Analytics & Measurement
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Campaign Development
  • Content Production
  • Public Relations
  • Consumer & HCP Influencer Marketing
  • Corporate & Internal Communications


Some of the names listed below will resonate with all of us due to the pandemic COVID-19 that we have collectively experienced.

  • AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
  • Bausch Health U.S., LLC
  • Pfizer, Inc.

4. Real Chemistry

Previously known as W2O, Real Chemistry is a global health innovation company that works with hundreds of clients to make the world a healthier place. It addresses the modern healthcare challenges the world faces with offices all over the United States and Europe.

They pride themselves in having health experts who collaborate and innovate each step to deliver commercial, clinical and corporate solutions that focus on patients while bringing results to the brands involved.

Data, analytics, and tech-enablement are often buzzwords. To us, they are a secret formula to see the unseen, reach the unreachable, and create natural chemistry with patients and health care providers.

5. Evoke

Evoke Co. is navigating today’s complex landscape by making health more human

Evoke is a marketing, media, and communications platform designed for the health and wellness of people. Leading in the business helps its clients navigate the modern-day healthcare landscape’s complexities.

We work with dynamic companies, leaders, and brands that want to create more engaging, enduring, human connections with their customers.


Below are the main categories of the services they provide that branch into much more diverse services. This detail has allowed them to stay in business for as long as they have.

  • Branding
  • Campaigns & Content
  • Communications
  • Marketing Technology
  • Media & Activation
  • Data & Analytics


  • Celgene
  • Janssen

6. Spectrum

As an independent agency that solely focuses on science, Spectrum Science goes back to 1996 and is the proud owner of 75+ industry awards. Featuring an awe-inspiring website, the industry has acknowledged this agency over a hundred times for its even more impressive contributions to the healthcare industry.

Spectrum is the founder and chair of the world’s largest and most robust network of independent healthcare agencies.


Spectrum is more than just a few services listed below; it is the revolution in healthcare that the world needed to witness and experience.

  • Marketing
    Media Solutions
    Emerging Biotech
    Public Affairs

Interesting facts about Spectrum:

  • Inspired by Pink Floyd’s seminal album Dark Side of the Moon.
  • It has a very cool website that you should check out.
  • It is located worldwide


The PR industry is all about conversing with the right people to get to the desired place and derive the desired response.

In healthcare P.R. sector, the desired response is only one — i.e. to make the world a healthier place for everyone.

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