4 Best Digital Marketing Dashboard (s) For Increased Productivity In 2022

Looking to upscale your marketing campaigns? We've got a list of the best digital marketing dashboard (s) to get you started. Number 2 is our favorite; find out why!

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Digital marketing is a behemoth of a plateau, where tons of things are possible in terms of business scalability.

The ordinary marketer must manage social media, content marketing, email marketing, and other internal advertising strategies.

All the while ensuring that the most effective are monitored to continually adjust their plans to increase weekly output. Everyone who has accomplished it, with or without a group of players, understands how demanding it is.

Let’s dive into the reality of marketing to begin our learning of digital marketing dashboards before we conclude which is the best digital marketing dashboard.

It costs 5 times more to acquire a new client than to retain an established one. So, why are only 30% of organizations investing as much in keeping customers as they do in customer acquisition?

The fundamental key to an effective agency is that they do not risk losing customers by preserving the status quo. They are always attempting to enhance their customers’ experiences. They do not, however, do it alone.

Each agency may improve its services to its clients with minimum fuss. The key is to make the most of the talents they currently have.

This is where digital marketing dashboard (s) and reports come in!

In today’s environment, marketers must handle data from a scientific standpoint and an almost aesthetic sense. Several marketing dashboards may help by giving easy-to-read and aesthetically appealing representations of a range of essential marketing data and KPIs.

Marketers may capitalize on their data and enhance the effectiveness of their initiatives, websites, and other assets by watching these variables constantly. An advertising report template is essential for every well-equipped marketing team.

You’re probably familiar with these technologies for scaling your agency, but are you utilizing them to their maximum potential to better maintain your customers?

We’re covering the A-Z of the digital marketing dashboards really are and listing out the best digital marketing dashboards you need to get on board with!

What Is a Digital Marketing Dashboard?

Let’s try to understand what a digital marketing dashboard truly is.

A digital marketing dashboard is a reporting example that uses data visualizations to describe digital KPIs, statistics, and data points. Digital marketing dashboards may provide information on marketing initiatives, plans, and engagements like social media or email campaigns.

A digital marketing dashboard can monitor advertisements, social media, lead creation, and search engine marketing.

The idea is to have near real-time visibility into how well your marketing activities are doing.

To construct a simple digital marketing dashboard, you’ll need to cover bases on the following forefronts:

  • Discuss with your advertising department
  • Establish your key performance indicators (KPIs) and statistics
  • Choose a marketing dashboard tool
  • Link to data sources
  • Design data infographics
  • Launch and solicit input

Essentially, the construction of your digital marketing dashboard should offer many reports geared for every day, biweekly, or month-by-month data monitoring, allowing you to make core adjustments on your marketing activities.

5 Reasons To Have a Digital Marketing Dashboard Tool

Although we’re well explained the complexity marketers go through in their advertising ventures as the introduction to adopting and analyzing digital marketing dashboards, some of you may still need more detail to pursue the tools.

Here’s a roundup of our top 5 arguments supporting digital marketing dashboards!

A digital marketing dashboard’s objective is to give a detailed, graphical picture of your marketing strategy. This might focus on specific channels like social media and digital advertising, or it could be as comprehensive as executive accountability and market development.

Performance measurement of your campaigns is critical if you want to increase your company’s sales and income. Tracking your results allows you to find areas of your tactics that need improvement.

Furthermore, since many marketing dashboards provide a pictorial overview of data analytics, they are frequently simple to comprehend and have several advantages.

1. Deeper sales and revenue forecasting

Marketing dashboards may provide greater insight into your customers’ purchasing patterns, allowing you to more correctly anticipate and estimate objectives and deliverables based on existing historical consumer information.

You may also measure those objectives in real-time to confirm activities or respond to and alter certain sales or advertising strategies.

2. Effectiveness in timesaving

Since most marketing dashboards provide real-time data, they spare you time spent producing data from numerous systems and combining them manually.

These consolidated systems collect all necessary data and measures for you and visibly show them to authorized staff.

3. Increased performance exposure

Marketing dashboards provide better visibility of your company’s essential information, which you may examine at almost any moment. This allows you to better comprehend and respond to competitive developments.

4. Control over inventory

Inventory management is simplified with marketing dashboards, as you can see stock levels in real-time.

Doing so enables managers to see which particular variant performs where and which areas require replenishing. You can maximize availability and distribution across numerous sites, lowering the chance of running out of goods or negatively impacting customer satisfaction scores.

5. Information is simple to use

Marketing dashboards are simple to set up, maintain and operate. They are also transportable, rendering business analytics available for multiple office locations, global use, or corporate travel.

Are you beginning to see the super helpful functionality of digital marketing dashboards for your own productivity yet?

Now let’s venture into what will take your marketing dashboard to be the best digital marketing dashboard!

4 Absolute 'Must Haves' On Your Digital Marketing Dashboard!

We already discussed what a good digital marketing dashboard should have, but what will it take to have the best digital marketing dashboard? What do the current best dashboards have?

Your dashboard should incorporate the most critical data and KPIs for your company. You should make sure your marketing dashboard includes metrics that allow you to track your performance toward fulfilling your business’s aims and outcomes.

An excellent marketing dashboard must:

1) Answer your queries depending on your advertising and business efforts KPI objectives. A smart marketing dashboard has all of the indicators you want to view and allows you to create more complicated ones.

2) Be adaptable and expandable. A formidable marketing dashboard would allow you to integrate new marketing indicators and deal with a vast volume of data.

3) Be simple to comprehend. Whether you’re creating a marketing dashboard for your company or members of the board, it should be straightforward and straightforward to grasp.

4) Be secured. Information leakage is a significant issue these days. If you’re going to employ third-party services to develop your marketing dashboard, ensure you thoroughly read the Privacy Policies; -and present visitors with up-to-date info.

For a platform to be interpreted as the ‘best digital marketing dashboard’, it must also help educate the customer.

Marketing dashboards have been most typically utilized within organizations to provide fast access to all analytics for their customers. They are, however, not only valuable for the marketing department; other teams must be aware of what is going on as well.

Internally transmitting information efficiently minimizes redundant cross-departmental back-and-forth and effectively coincides with your clients’ business objectives. Clients enjoy it when you provide live dashboards with them, as long as you walk them through the dashboard.

For instance, Hagadone Media Group utilizes digital marketing dashboards to send out monthly or weekly reports for most of our digital campaigns, including Google Search, Display, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Simplifi.

Our internal sales teams, along with a few clients, use the dashboard function to chart KPIs. Doing so establishes a true comfort zone with sales and clients, letting them know the digital team is working hard for their continued success.

If you’ve grasped your way around dashboards and established what the best digital marketing dashboard is, we’re rounding up popular choices to kick start your new and improved advertising journey!

4 Best Digital Marketing Dashboards To Use In 2022

1. Customer360FX

best digital marketing dashboard

Customer360FX is a customer data platform (CDP) that assists you in tracking critical data about your target audience so that your advertising messages always find your ideal consumers.

A 360-degree view of a customer’s data, comprising every contact, from a website query to a purchase decision to a client service request, is referred to as a customer 360. It also implies that each and every division inside the firm has access to the same version of the facts about the client.

It is critical to understand that a 360-degree picture of the consumer and tailored interactions go together. Both are made possible by combining data, apps, and APIs.

2. LeadManagerFX

The next one on our best digital marketing dashboard list is LeadManagerFX.

This tool allows you to follow the progress of your leads from initial awareness through conversion. You can also see where your leads are coming from, seeing which initiatives are generating the most leads and sales for your business.

3. CallTrackerFX

CallTrackerFX helps you correctly tally your leads, but it also offers precise information about each call made to your organization. The caller’s timestamp, date, region, and mobile number are all logged, and the length of the conversation and other data.

By recording this data about your calls, you may discover further about your callers and future clients.

4. AnalyticsFX

This tool might be the last one on our best digital marketing dashboard list, but it comes with many value-driven features.

AnalyticsFX is a very efficient and precise 3ds Max plugin that allows you to generate, animate, and edit a broad range of graphical charts, histograms, and more, depending only on user information.

Over To You...

Measuring the performance of your digital marketing efforts is critical for increasing sales and income for your company.

However, keeping track of KPIs and other data is overwhelming — and challenging to say the least., Especially if you have various digital marketing tactics, losing track of metrics often comes with the territory. This is where a high-quality digital marketing dashboard may come in handy.

Digital marketing dashboards simplify monitoring and analyzing all of your digital marketing initiatives from one location. Your dashboard allows you to examine key data points and KPIs related to your campaigns, allowing you to readily assess the outcomes of your marketing initiatives.

We hope that this post has helped you go further into the realm of digital marketing dashboards to increase your advertising endeavors’ efficiency.

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