Our Top Picks for the Best Business VoIP Providers

To enable you to make an informed decision on the best internet phone system for your business needs, we researched and assessed the leading VoIP brands in the market.

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Choose The Right VoIP Service For Your Business

Before making the jump from a landline phone service to Voice over IP, there are numerous factors you should be taking into consideration.

We’re here to assist you in the decision-making process by highlighting and evaluating the best business VoIP providers.

What exactly is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, allows you to make phone calls via your internet connection. It does this by using your broadband or cable connection to send calls as digital data over the Internet.

Why switch to VoIP?

Cost-effectiveness and flexibility are the two core reasons to consider switching to a VoIP office phone system

Traditional business phone systems can be expensive to maintain and operate. VoIP systems, however, have the potential to save your business a significant amount of money. This is largely because VoIP uses your existing Internet connection, meaning you won’t have to pay for an additional landline.

Business owners also gravitate towards VoIP because of its scalability. You can easily add or remove lines as your business needs change, meaning you won’t be stuck with a system that doesn’t meet your current needs.

VoIP systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. For example, you can choose a system that will allow you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world and you can also add features such as voicemail, call forwarding, and caller ID etc.

How do I know which VoIP provider is best for my business?

While no two businesses are exactly the same, you can find a VoIP system that is near perfect for your business by doing some research and investigating what options work best for you. For example, consider how compatible your current office phone system and Internet connection are as well as projected call volume and patterns. Also contemplate if you would rather manage the VoIP yourself or have someone else take care of it remotely.

When deciding whether or not to get a new telephone system, factor in important considerations such as cost, features and installation difficulty. Scalable VoIP solutions have the potential to increase productivity while also saving you money – making it the wiser choice overall.

What’s needed to make the switch?

Compatible handsets and an internet connection are all you need to get set up.

How do I know which VoIP provider is best for my business?

It’s best to identify your business needs and research which provider best aligns with those. Factors to be taken into consideration include projected call volume and patterns, whether you would rather manage the VoIP yourself or have someone else take care of it remotely, and what additional features your business will likely see true value from.

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