Mining Marketing

Retain customers with engaging and insightful content that can propel your brand to new audiences

By aggregating data on multiple scales, we can target media outlets with localized stories all the way to global insights, thus positioning executives at your brand as thought-leaders in the industry.

Our Subject Expertise

Our blueprint system is especially designed to get your brand in front of audiences and publishers by utilizing insightful and assumption-challenging data to touch at human emotions in a real way.

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Humanize numbers.

It's one thing to have amazing data at your marketing disposal, it's another to make it human. We can take any data table or set of numbers and find the real-world, mundane emotional insight that drives action.

Challenge assumptions.

Data is most effective when it challenges a preconceived notion. By doing this you'll not only practically guarantee virality but also stay at the front of your customer's minds. 

Great data can be engaging.

B2B companies that are able to effectively engage with customers at all touchpoints are at least fifty percent more likely to grow, using data is a proven way to do that. 

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