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Atlanta Video Production Agency

Marketing becomes more visual by the day — and brands are increasingly putting video first. At TOP Agency Atlanta we translate what makes your brand special into a compelling script, then hand it over to our crack in-house production team.

Unlike other Atlanta video production companies, we also produce video at lightning speed — tying your message into trending news and the latest events.


Our video production philosophy

Most agencies knock out videos to fill social feeds.

TOP Agency tells meaningful stories — video is just the medium. We capture your audience’s attention within the first three seconds and keep it until we're done telling our message, all through well-crafted arcs, three-dimensional characters, and stunning visuals.

Before shooting a second of footage, we research the video landscape to figure out what is already succeeding. Then we add our secret sauce on top of successful formulas, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. That's how we turn virality from a fluke, into a science.

Finally, we understand the black-box of video SEO, ensuring your content continues to be discovered even years after the initial social push.

Our video production process

At TOP Agency we start with what makes your brand your brand. Then we turn those pride-points into a compelling story.

Our narratives activate the viewer’s emotions, like empathy, laughter, and optimism. Then we ladder that emotion into action, inspiring your audience to share, amplify, comment — or buy; our agency may take an artistic attitude to video production, but we also know how to translate views into hard sales.

Atlanta location

Atlanta inspires great video. Our office is located in the picturesque Buckhead neighborhood — and in our backgrounds, you might catch sight of Tower Place Park, or a scene in Caribou Coffee. So if you're looking for a local video production agency with national reach, look no further than TOP Agency’s Atlanta office.

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