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Social media is often treated as a single entity. In reality, each platform is different — and each requires a different marketing strategy. At TOP Agency’s social media department we match the message to the medium; what works on Twitter may flop on Facebook, and vice versa. Our Atlanta office has optimized social media campaigns for scrappy start-ups, along with major multinational companies. Whatever your budget and goals, we can make sure your social message gets heard above the din.

Our social media marketing philosophy

Virality doesn't happen at random. At TOP Agency our social media consultants have turned 'going viral' into a science, packing your content with viral triggers that instantly engage audiences and encourage sharing. We use striking thumbnails, dramatic story arcs, and three-dimensional characters to tell stories users can't help but tell their friends about. And we test different messages with different audiences, constantly refining our campaigns through scientific A/B testing. All of which means you're getting the biggest bang for your social buck. 

Our social media process

Any brand can build a Facebook page, create a Twitter account, or throw up an Instagram. Although the cost is low, so is the chance of success.

TOP Agency is a different type of branding agency. We tackle social media through a combination of creative content and scientific testing: always matching the right videos, photos, and posts to the folks who want to see them in their feed.

Finally, we produce our posts at lightning speed; after initial meetings and a brief social media audit, we'll shoot you a detailed editorial calendar that keeps us abreast of trending events and breaking stories.

Atlanta location

Atlanta is a social city, chock full of bars, restaurants, and public spaces. Our Atlanta Social Media office stays abreast of the zeitgeist, connecting your brand to the latest events and newest trends. We've helped folks in hacker houses in Tech Village, and in offices at the top of the downtown skyline. So if you're looking for a local social media agency with national reach, drop us a line.

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