PR Hacker

A data-driven, growth-focused and viral-optimized PR firm. PR Hacker run scrappy campaigns for the best brands — laser focusing on your core business KPIs and then creating disproportionate leverage to achieve them.


TOP 2/B markets B2B like B2C — increasing sales by crafting attention-grabbing messaging, thoughtful content marketing, and shareable social media posts.

TOP Creative

A content marketing agency that builds your thought leadership profile with insightful articles and click-worthy videos.

TOP Digital

TOP 2/C turns consumer full-service marketing into a science — using a viral-optimized approach to build buzz across the country for your product.

TOP Education

A full service education agency that builds brand voice, increases applications, and attracts top talent across the country. And we do it all while staying fresh and current for a new generation of scholars.

TOP Finance

A new kind of agency that markets finance products to real people—offering branding, reputation management, PR and more to restore trust and make finance accessible.

TOP Health

TOP Health helps health companies build big buzz around their products, from positioning to launch. We do it all with the eye of an insider — and the perspective of a B2C marketing expert.

TOP Politics

A new kind of digital-first political agency that helps candidates build their base, expand their brand, and ultimately win the vote — often by building your personal brand years before a ballot is cast.

TOP Tech

A data-driven full-service agency for the most disruptive tech brands — helping launch and market the world’s newest Apples and Facebooks.